Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Thoughtful Take on Recent Major Events...

What an amazing world we live in. The events over the last weekend have been phenomenal (I can't wait to post about "the wedding"!), some full of joy and excitement and others of closure and accomplishment.

My beautiful friend, Melissa, wrote a poignant post about the death of Osama bin Laden that perfectly describes how I feel about the news and the world's reaction. She and I were fast friends in middle school when she moved to our area and I've enjoyed following her life's journey, especially now that she's a happily married mother of a sweet baby boy. Since I'm having a hard enough time wrapping up Easter posts, let alone my thoughts on world news, I figured I'd lead you to her post for comments and considerations. Visit Life as the Neal's Know It to read (not long, just extremely well said!)...

Here's to hoping this sacrifice can bring about more peace in a world so often consumed by revenge and victory. I know that this can be our moment, if egos can only step aside to make way for what's best for our children and the future we're preserving for them.

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