Monday, May 9, 2011

Celebrating Anthony!

Bridget and I got lots of lovely Adamo family love this past weekend, seeing my in-laws for fun celebrations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! All I can say is I am one lucky Mommy to have such an amazing little lady as my daughter. She took each event in stride and really behaved nicely, considering she’s a teeny tantrumy toddler now. Man, do I love being her Mommy!

Since Jonathan was committed to being at Six Flags all day with his MS band (I would rather be pretty much anywhere else at anytime than Six Flags with middle schoolers), B and I were the representatives from our little family. Upon entering the church, I heard the sweetest voice say: “Anna? Anna Adamo?!”

It was Jill and Alexandra! How fun to see our sweet friends at a joyous time! They were there to celebrate Jill and Doug’s nieces’ First Communion. Thanks for sharing this lovely pic, Jill! (BTW: all three of my necklaces in this picture were broken by the end of the day…God bless cheap jewelry from Forever XXI!)

Fair Ladies at Communion

My girl singing hymns with Mommy. Music to my ears!


Well, we were sitting on the opposite side from Anthony, but I got a decent shot of him here…he’s the one further away from me :). What a fabulous little man!


After the ceremony, we waited a few minutes outside with Grandma before heading to lunch. What a loving Grandma Bridget has!

IMG_2303   IMG_2306

Well, here’s a pic of the large flower bed B climbed into before I could stop her. Of course, as soon as she saw me coming to take her away she smiled, giggled and jumped right in and proceeded to run 2-3 circles around this tree…all over the newly planted pansies! I was mortified. That’s my girl…ugh…thankfully her tiny little feet aren’t yet heavy enough to cause much damage but they certainly cause me a ton of embarrassment!


Bridget giving the Man of the Hour a celebratory hug (she does this sweet little lean when she “hugs”):


Maybe she was more inclined to hug because Anthony was prepared with a cookie?? Hmm??


Anthony, Noah, and Christian posed for a Herrera Boys picture together. Aren’t they a hoot?? Seriously…they’re some of the best little boys I’ve ever met (and I’m not just biased!).

 IMG_2312 IMG_2313 IMG_2314 

Great pics of the men. Even Noah wanted to step in and look angelic (you can’t fool me, Noah..Anthony plays the part well, but I know you’ve got mischief up that fancy sleeve!).

 IMG_2317 IMG_2318 

After a delightful lunch with the fam, Christina was a blessing to us (as usual) by allowing B to nap at her place before heading out to Dane’s big 2nd birthday party….stay tuned!

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