Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting close!

yes, I skipped a week. Blah! I'm about to skip this week too if I don't hop to it! We've been taking our childbirth classes and loving them (every Tuesday night!), as well as working on the nursery and guest bedrooms. I've got picks just about ready to put up of the nearly finished guest room...I'd better run out and finish painting the furniture so it will be officially done! Oh, and of course...and much needed trip to Garden Ridge for some cheap goodies...see you soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Most recent belly pics!

Me with my Salty Dog!

Gotta have a belly pic from the beach, though I wish Jonathan didn't pull my dress around so it gave me such a bubble butt. Oh well. I'll let it go :)

I forgot to take the belly pic that week, so this pre-Rangers game belly pic is being the pinch hitter!

Getting bigger every week!

Nursery is on the way...

Well, now that we have the wood floors in the nursery now we just need to finish it! The crib awaits us at the store, but we have to sand/tape/paint the dingy baseboards then tape/paint the walls...then its time to move in the furniture! I can't wait!

Stay tuned for finished pictures. Oh yeah! I'm trying to convince Jonathan to get the guest room painted as well while we're doing the nursery...cross your fingers for me! Hopefully you'll be seeing some lovely new pics of it, too!

The house keeps getting better

I wanted to take a pic of the front of the house while it was still under construction. Little did I know the Empire dude was walking out! He was such a good sport and a really nice guy.

Our formal living room served as a storage area for a time...

The Yellowstone Room getting its new was so happy, I know!

I didn't get the official before pic of the nursery in time, so this stage 2 pic will have to do. Those Empire dudes were so quick! This just makes it look like a ping pong table...

A before pic of the "office" which will now be the guest room

Ahh....hardwood floors in the nursery...allergies be damned!I love the smell of new carpet! We had this kind put in both the Yellowstone Room and the guest room.

I love the smell of new carpet! We had this kind put in both the Yellowstone Room and the guest room.

Baby Shower #1!

While I'm enjoying summer more than I've ever in the past, I still love to think fondly on my wonderful workplace and friends/supports that walk its halls during the school year. Carrollton Elementary is such a special place to me that has been with me through all the years of my marriage and now all the days of being a mommy so far...and so many more to come!

I hope you enjoy a sampling of pics from my school baby shower held the last week of school. Even my adorable parents were able to make it out to celebrate (after they had been pulled over by the Carrollton PD...luckily the officer was very nice!).

The beautiful Jill was nice enough to be both gift scribe AND photographer, so its thanks to her that I have these tangible memories of my special day. Though she's leaving Carrollton Elementary for closer pastures, she'll still be my go-to gal for so many things. Lots of love to you, Jill!!!

Blog, how I've missed thee!

I've really missed adding posts to the blog over these last 3 1/2 weeks. I've had so much on my mind recently, that sitting down and organizing thoughts just hasn't been at the top of my list. However, its so cathartic to sit back and review over all the events that have been happening in our lives, both large and small, so now I'm back!

I know I'm going to need some of this decompression time once our little angel comes to us in a few short months, so I'm determined to stay on top of things! My goal is to update at least weekly from now through early September, and I'd really like to settle on a good blog design that reflects my style and personality a bit better...right now, its just bare bones because I still don't know what I'm doing. I just need to take 30 minutes to an hour here or there and do a little DIY research and get it done. Plus, my brain is seriously packed with baby questions and ideas, so I'm ready to start looking on other blogs that can give me some inspiration. I look forward to seeing everyone's creativity!

Friends: get ready for a flood of pics and brief descriptions so I can catch up on everything JUNE in the Adamo house!

Love to all...