Thursday, May 31, 2012

You need a little HAPPY??

Two things that make me very happy. Allow me to present them to you:


Les Miserables 2012…be still my heart!

Cynical me certainly assumes the movie won’t be good (I have insanely high expectations for Les Mis!). I’ll still cross my fingers and will definitely see it as soon as its hits the theaters! Additionally, its excitement like what’s being shown for this movie that 100% assure me that the arts will never leave us. Sure, arts education is underfunded most places and is often in danger of being cut from schools around the country. However, the emotions drawn forth by music and theater and visual art are unparalleled and therefore will never go away. Thank goodness. Can I get an amen?! And if you haven’t already experienced it, puhleeze find a way to see the 10th Anniversary performance of Les Mis. It will change your life (not to mention it’s the sugariest, yummiest eye and ear candy ever!). Also, don’t confuse it with the 25th Anniversary performance. You will be sorely disappointed if you do (two words: Nick Jonas. Puke. That makes three words, but it had to be said).


should I have warned you about needing Kleenex?

That just plain makes me happy. Can it be related to anniversary season in the Adamo house? Possibly. Not matter what, happy love makes people happy. The world could use a little more of this, if you ask me.

Have a happy day! Did I mention I had a surprise day at home with Bridget? When the panchoed duo (we left our umbrellas in the car and it was pouring when we rushed out the door to Kathy’s – late as usual – so we grabbed panchos…oh, to have seen us!) made it to my car in the pouring rain only to find a dead battery under the hood? No one around to jump us. Jonathan – handyman extraodinaire - not able to save us for hours. Mama calls into work to say we’re marooned. Did I shed a tear? I’ll let you make your best guess on that one Smile.

More to come on that story later…

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adventures with Annabelle!


Soooo…this might be my new favorite picture EVER!!!



We began anniversary weekend by celebrating with Annabelle, her family and friends for her 3rd birthday. I don’t know how her sweet mama, Christy, does it but she always manages to plan these birthdays 1) at a park, and 2) during wonderful weather! All in attendance had a fabulous time Smile.



This park (about 5 minutes from our house and we hadn’t yet tried it out) not only had great trees/shade and age appropriate playground pieces. It also had an ADORABLE kiddo-sized permanent picnic table. Perfect! I see us at this park a lot more in the future…



These two don’t get to see each other as often as us mommies would be because I’m no longer teaching at Carrollton (where Christy and I became friends), but they are just too darn cute together to keep apart. We were so thankful to be included in the birthday fun!!!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Lucky Number Seven

Alright, we’re not experts at the self-timer self-portrait. Big surprise Smile


Another year of married bliss passes by to make way for a new chapter in our own personal love story. How did we even survive this year?? Honestly, without the strength of our relationship, we may not have made it through the madness of my first year of law school, coupled with a tight budget and a stressful school year for Jonathan. We both leaned on guidance from friends and family and the partnership we’ve nurtured for the past seven years and made it through…I just love my man so much! Words cannot express how supportive he is. I strive to do the same for him everyday.

Some of my favorite moments from our special day, May, 28, 2005:

Rehearsal dinner – we look like teenagers compared to our wrinkly and grisled post-thirty mugs today!


My flower girl is now 12. In middle school. In Germany. Sheesh. And Amanda (my MOH) met us for dinner this weekend to help celebrate. She and I celebrate 28 years of hetero-lifemate status this summer. Jonathan isn’t threatened…too much Smile.



In case you don’t recognize him, my Jonathan is on the far left. Yes, he looks like he’d have a hard time getting into a rated-R movie Smile.


Please give me some of this RIGHT NOW:


Young and carefree! Ahh…


We’re so glamorous. Oh, pretty sure we were both cracking up at all the pics our photographer took after the reception. This is NOT our type of thing…but I love it!


I’m excited to share our adventures from this weekend. What a delightful time we had celebrating together!!! Cheers to all the anniversaries yet to come…love our love Smile.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our BFs, Julie and Abby, invited us up to McKinney to come see the hatchlings in Julie’s 1st grade classroom. She’s such an amazing elementary school teacher. When Bridget starts school, I can only hope for a teacher as talented as her! And I was thrilled to find out she was being moved to Kindergarten next year…something she’s been wanting for 8 years! Kinder kiddos were always my favorite, and I know they are all in for a treat with Julie.

Back to the chicks. Bridget and I popped into the library a few days before to pick up a few books about baby chicks and eggs hatching and such so she’d be a little more prepared for the event. B was so excited to see JuJu’s classroom and meet the little fluffy friends!


This project sounds just awesome. She orders the incubator and eggs, they are on a set schedule and can pretty much be guaranteed to open within a 24-48 hour window. We arrived on the afternoon of “hatch day” and only two had broken free in Julie’s room and were still pretty damp. We spent lots of time looking at them through the incubator (isn’t that thing fancy?? way more so than I remember!).

But these two crazies were quickly distracted by each other and the fun things a 1st grade classroom has to offer:



Smiling with the chicks and flapping our wings! And I loved the cute stuff Julie had up on the wall for her egg lesson. I DO miss some things about teaching…



Then it was off to another classroom to see a few more chicks that were ready to be held!


Ohhh!! Ahhh!!


Look at those interested faces…


Aren’t they soooo cute and fluffy??

084085 (2)086 (2)

I’ve said it a hundred times already, but I love few things more than introducing Bridget to new things. For instance, today we were strolling around the pond behind our library (took the chick books back and picked up some books on road trips!) after feeding some ducks and I noticed something swimming in the water…we hunted it down and found a NUTRIA! I think they’re pretty cute, but that’s because my eyes remain blissfully ignorant thinking they’re beavers Smile. Bridget thought they were hilarious!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another fun Zoo trip!

We were thrilled to hear a zoo trip suggested by our fun Southlake playgroup, so we pounced on the opportunity. This little girl is quickly becoming a zoo expert. I wonder where she gets it from?? Smile


A zoo trip in the month of May (especially when the weather is bearable – dare I say NICE) always means FIELD TRIPS. Blah. We were all frazzled for the first 15 minutes or so until the groups spread throughout the park…after that time, we got pretty good at avoiding the crazy kids. Here we are seeing our first animals – the zebras!


We wanted to make it to the bird area quick, and yes, I’m that mom who lets her daughter sit crazy in the stroller if it means sitting in the stroller (not always, but sometimes!). About 3 seconds after this shot, the stroller toppled over. Mom of the Year!


This boy is the chillest kid ever!!! He wasn’t the least bit nervous about the birds!


Not only were they not dive-bombing us for seed sticks, we had to FORCE the birds onto our sticks. They were definitely full from the field trippers. Thankfully, my Bridget is getting used to them so she was able to hold the stick herself this time. Fun!


Our hilarious attempt at getting a kid-only pic. LOVE IT!


Great learning stations at the Fort Worth Zoo!


This otter was putting on quite a show!


Erin and Trip, looking stylish:

We took up a lot of space with all our joggers..


These two chatted all about the elephants together:


Chasing after the group:


But eventually, everyone started to get tired:


So on our way back to the entrance, we stopped by these chill dudes. They were hilarious and happy to oblige our photography needs!



Another successful trip! The zoo is always worth every penny to the Adamos. Can’t wait to revisit my favorite, The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, when we get up there in a couple of weeks. This girl needs a vacation!