Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bridget’s First Camping Trip!

The reason why I haven’t managed this post until now, seeing as how the trip took place the weekend before Thanksgiving? So, so many great pictures and memories!! I’ll see how much I can limit my words to allow the pictures to speak for themselves…

We were all so excited to a) have Jonathan home from work for a WHOLE WEEK, b) get Bridget started on her FIRST camping trip, and c) enjoy the amazing weather we were gifted for this memorable event. Game on!



We had a drive on Friday night to Austin were we stayed overnight with our great friends, Stephen and Lauren. The following morning meant another few hours drive to our camp ground. We were all thankful for Mimi’s “surprise bags” that were opened throughout the drive. I will never forget to bring these on future road trips! Her’s were particularly nice because they reminded me how I don’t need to buy tons of presents to make a road trip fun. Some bags had some Ritz crackers and a fun magnifying glass, another a cheap slinky and some dry sugary cereal…ah…I’m reminded also that Mimi has some cool stuff at her house that we don’t!

002 (2)003 (2)

Since our drive to camp was lengthy, we decided to give B a generous stop in Fredricksburg for lunch and a chance to stretch our legs.

We met the first of many furry friends along the way, this being the first:

011 (2)

And enjoyed a super fun toy store while we waited for our table:

007 (2)008 (2)009 (2)

This is why we decided to wait a few minutes instead of finding a quicker seat somewhere else:


Mommy was thankful that someone finally caught some winks:

013 (2)

Upon arrival, it was time to check into the park! I loved that they had a special area for “turkey roosting” that was off limits this season to protect the turkeys Smile.


And we were off to set up camp before nightfall! No time was wasted in getting dirty. I was thankful for the amount of wipes I’d packed Smile.


Daddy loved having a little helper!


Not only was it B’s first time camping, it was pretty much Lauren’s, too! Jonathan, Stephen and I went camping often in college, so we were all so pumped to be a part of such a fun maiden voyage:


As it started to get dark, we ate some dinner and basically got ready for sleep! The weather was perfect…just the right amount of chilly for bedtime. Snug as a bug in a rug!

018 (2)021024

Time to tackle day #2!


A happy morning at our site!

047040038 (2)

More furry friends to enjoy:


And our traditional camping meal of breakfast tacos (oh, and graham crackers)!




Bridget was occupied at all times by some pretty awesome leaf throwing:



And she and I found a snake skin! As the daughter of my mother, I thought it was SO COOL…had to document our investigation for Mimi!

027089029 (2)

Some additional silliness ensued:


And then we were off on our final hike!


My nature baby loves learning about new things!


Not only did she get to inspect plenty of pecans, Daddy ate them right out of the shell with her! They were pretty darn delicious:


Everyone joined in the fun of having a three year old on a nature walk…such a great way to be reminded of nature’s wonders!






We were sad to part, but took our opportunity for a tired pre-schooler car nap when we saw it. Such a fabulous time had by all!


After stopping once more in Fredricksburg on the way home (J and I may return for anniversary weekend this year!) for a late lunch, we were on the road back to Dallas:

034 (2)

And our girl was still smiles all the way home. We love her!