Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pokeno de Mayo!

Bridget and I had the most amazing day of greatness last Thursday, which just happened to be Cinco de Mayo. We slept in (did I mention she’s a pro??), ran errands to return tons of stuff (like getting free money…sort of!), had a great naptime, cleaned house, and invited our favorite Pokeno ladies over for dinner and clucking. Just delightful!


Don’t you love her festive attire??

IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_2267 

She’s been way into her trike recently, though she only wants to ride it when the pedals turn…this means Mommy help required!

 IMG_2269 IMG_2270

And you can imagine how it makes Mommy’s back feel! The things we do for our little ones to make them smile…


When our birthday girl of the night arrived (Linda), Bridget promptly requested her adorable hat. Just the right size for B!

IMG_2272  IMG_2274 

Her very own facinator!

 IMG_2277 IMG_2278  IMG_2280

Happy birthday, Linda!!!


Linda, Miriam and Margaret all shared the most facinating story of their trip to NYC (Miriam splits time between here and there now due to her husband’s work demands) last week. They scored an invite to the Regis and Kelly taping the day of the Royal Wedding and the whole story is truly legendary, especially if you know Linda, Miriam and Margaret! We were all in stitches after hearing of their escapades!

Food, of course, was involved. Miriam brought delicious Crumbs cupcakes straight from the Big Apple, and also made a lovely replica of Linda’s award-winning Royal Wedding facinator…

IMG_2282 IMG_2283 

Here it is…Linda’s “Best Hat” from Regis and Kelly, which also helped her win a $5,000 prize!!! Hilarious! We all sat down and watched the whole show again (I was sure to record it for the occasion) and were cracking up at how many times we got to see the three of them on the show…and Kelly even introduced Linda herself! A celebrity, I say!


I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear that $5,000 topper!


Pride, Paula, Linda, and Miriam…some of my favorite people in the world! Love you all!


Such a fun night with such special women. I always leave Pokeno giggling and smiling, knowing that all of us are tired and busy but can always find time to let loose together. No matter how much life tries to take over, you’ve always got to make time for friends. Its food to the soul!

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