Friday, May 13, 2011

Another day in the life ;)

Today (well, actually yesterday…I wrote this when blogger was down) was going to be a rare day of nothing for me and Bridget, but of course, something came up that we couldn’t resist. Storytime at Barnes and Noble!

You’ll be shocked to hear that we made it there ON TIME to meet our friends, Becky and Riley. Who are we?! Us two moms were the first ones there for the event because Becky had heard that it may be busy. Not the case upon arrival…so we took time to play with the trains and check out some books :)


Others quickly flocked to the children’s area, and before we knew it there were over 30 kids ready to hear a story! They have an adorable stage and background, which Bridget was happy to enjoy.

IMG_2464 IMG_2465  

She left the stage for just enough time to scoop up a stuffed animal from the shelves, and then promptly returned to provide entertainment for those who were waiting more patiently :).


Finally, it was time!  Becky and I were shocked to see that only a few other kids had heard the story choice, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”. Its such a fun alphabet book! (the storyteller was good, but I was disappointed she didn’t add the cute song to her reading…you know I would have!)


They even had a craft…


But B was more interested in re-reading the Elmo book that served as the opening act:


Here she is with Riley looking quite interested in coloring, right?? Hmmm…


After a little Mommy/Daughter shopping and a fun lunch with our friends, we popped over to Daddy’s school to say “hello!”…


And at that door we were greeted with not just one, but two sweet smiles! Sweet Jill was there to see us, too! I’m so glad Jonathan told her we were making a stealth visit. Two unplanned Fair/Adamo meetings within a week…wahoo!


Bridget got to visit her beloved penguins in Daddy’s office:

IMG_2481 IMG_2482

And she even showed off her “buzzing” skills! What a proud musician-parent moment!


Thankfully, Daddy sent the mouthpiece home with us. I’m pretty sure it’s the sole reason Bridget still managed a nap this afternoon! She loved helping “Baby” learn how to buzz, too :)


See my Facebook page for a video of her playing in the car. If I get around to it, I’ll add it to the blog…but I can’t make any promises!


  1. What a very fun day, indeed -- LOVED seeing y'all!

  2. aww, looks like a very fun day!

    oh this is Casey by the way