Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Pumpkins Keep Coming!

This year’s pumpkin patch visit found us at Hall’s Pumpkin Farm in Grapevine. It’s my sister-in-law’s favorite so far, so we wanted to be sure to try it out. What a fun time we had! The trip started a little rough, with raindrops landing on our windshield as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. Yikes. We quickly sought shelter near some gourds for sale and hung out the fam a while. Good news? The short, quick rain scared off much of the crowd!


When the wild wind and brief rain offered a reprieve, we escaped and headed for the animals. Who knew how much time we’d have before more crazy weather?! (Turns out, the rest of the evening was lovely)


Bridget LOVES these photo op spots right now, so I take full advantage:


The animals were still seeking cover, so we talked to them from afar:


And then headed to the pumpkins:

018023025043 (2)

Enjoyed riding on tractors, both BIG and SMALL:

036050 (2)052 (2)053 (2)055 (2)

She was way into this Hay House…pretty sure its because she loves through handfuls of debris into the air. Sigh.

057064 (2)

Many an adorable family pic was taken at this stop, I’m sure! If only my photo subject would comply, I too could enjoy such a pic. Alas.

068 (2)074 (2)072 (2)

A glimpse of our not-too-distant future…DRIVERS EVERYWHERE – BEWARE!

076 (2)

But we managed the obligatory family pics, at least. Not bad!

082 (2)


A playground! Joyful!

089 (2)

Then it was time for the main event – the very much hyped HAYRIDE….

095 (2)

Another glimpse into my future...hehe…

096 (2)

We were all excited!

099 (2)

First stop – DONKEYS:

106 (2)116 (2)119

Then it was time for the cows. They were a HOOT!




Love this shot! Such a brave girl!


Getting silly at the end now, people…the time to bail is drawing nigh!


A little bit more time for craziness in the play area:


Had I seen the sign that 3 and under enter for free, I would have probably given it a try! Oh well…next year!


Though a meltdown occurred moments before this shot, we were still smiles upon our exit. Such a nice night with family and a fun chance to celebrate Mommy’s favorite season of the year. Ah, Fall. Love ya!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fun of FALL

FALL. My favorite!!!


An open letter to the month of October:

Dear Second-Favorite Month:

You have quickly staked your claim as being the sneakiest busy month of all. What gives, second-favorite month? You’re not December (with finals, numerous traditions to be met, seeing friends who are off school, traveling to Colorado, etc.)…you’re not May (Mother’s Day, end of the year concerts/parties/programs, birthday parties, preparation for summer, FINALS). You’re not supposed to be this busy! At least this month the events are almost all SUPER FUN. You’re off the hook this time, October. Well played. Let’s recap yet another recent Adamo Adventure…

A fun, cheap, little street carnival was set up near my parents’ neighborhood and I wanted to give it a shot after missing it last year. It was a blast! B’s favorites were all there.

Pony Rides (unlimited!):


Balloon animals:


DORA CUPCAKES!!! (no comment on the color of her bowel movements the next day):


And Mommy noticed it was 5pm on a Friday and decided to reward myself:


Keep bringing it, October. Do your best, ‘cause so far we’ve risen to the fun challenge you’ve set before us!


The Amazing, Adventuring Adamos

Friday, October 26, 2012

Texas State VEGGIE Fair!


What an adventure we had last weekend! Jonathan and I FINALLY enjoyed a date night and decided to go to Spiral Diner in Dallas. I couldn’t believe it was our first trip after all these years. I’ll just say HE WAS IN HEAVEN. We’re already planning our next trip to this amazing vegan restaurant. The next day, my little family, along with our friends Donald and Lydia (regular but not strict Vegan eaters) trekked down to Reverchon Park downtown to attend the Texas State Veggie Fair…it was a great time!

Bridget and Daddy got in the Yoga mood together. Yes, there were Yoga demos at the fair. Shocking when surrounded by Vegans!


Plenty of animal-friendly tents and booths:


And non-stop pooches to love on (apparently Pugs are very popular in the no-meat crowd):


But most of all, the food was AMAZING! Now, I’ve tried my fair share of fake meat products and I’m not always the most forgiving when it comes to texture. But the chefs at this fair brought their finest and it did not disappoint! Wish I’d gotten a pic of the amazing vegan fruit tarts that Lydia bought and shared with all of us. Best. Dessert. Ever.


No matter how you feel about vegetarianism/veganism (remember – I’m not the vegetarian in our family!), you can’t deny that this crowd of people is straight up NICE. It was really refreshing. Not to mention our scenery. Reverchon is a beautiful park, so we took advantage of the playground and bounce house:


And even found “What-A-Mess”! Did you guys ever read that series as a kid?! Loved it!



One of B’s favorite parts was that Mommy rode in the backseat next to her. This will never get old for her (I hope!). She loves it when I’m next to her in the car, and I do, too. Couldn’t help but capture this memory on camera because I never want to forget the joy it brings me. Blessed!