Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wow! Could this day be any nicer? (Better not get used to it)

Since this could very well be the last perfect day of the before summer (weather-wise), so we made sure to take full advantage of the morning sun! Off to the Coppell Kids’ Country Playgroud we went!


Running into the playground. We couldn’t get inside fast enough!


I’ve mentioned before how much I love this park, but seriously, its awesome. There’s pretty much not a single weak spot in the structure where I’m worried she’ll fall out (like most playgrounds…when you have an adventurous one like me, you fear the open walls of the play structure!)…

iPhone love May 2011 085                      IMG_2649 IMG_2650

Eventually she spied the “whees” (aka swing), so playtime was all over at that point. Bring on the swing!

IMG_2653 IMG_2654   IMG_2657 

She’s way into doing stuff on her own these days (the tricycle, walking without Mommy’s hand, swinging without a push), and she’s started saying the most hilarious things. Check out her quote in this video:

After a while on the “whee” we headed to the sandbox to get a feel for the sand before we head to the beach next month. I didn’t get any pics because the introduction didn’t go well…have I mentioned that B hates having dirty ANYTHING? Hmm…gonna have to bring Jonathan in as reinforcements for that. Please offer any suggestions for getting her comfortable with sand before beachtime!

Following the sandbox failure, we scampered over to the duck pond to feed some “quah quahs”. Much more running was involved! First, running after a pesky squirrel:


Then running through the field on our way to the water. Mommy: “Bridget, where are the ducks??”


We saw this beautiful crane as well as a majestic blue heron. Teachable moments!

IMG_2664 IMG_2665

Finally we found an adorable family of ducks who weren’t too keen on B at first. She chased them right into the water :)


But stopped for just a moment to ask me to “listen” to some interesting duck sounds:


Yep, these bad boys were right on our tails! By now I’ve learned how to shoo away some aggressive geese and wasn’t afraid for one moment of these two. Stay away from my duckling, crazies!!!


She’s starting to get the idea of tossing bread into the water, but with even the slightest breeze like we had today, her’s never quite make it in so Mommy took charge on the tossing. These little ones loved the treats!



Of course, time for more running on the way back to the car (its time to get nervous about sunscreen application, that’s for sure!):


But even the most energetic of runners gets pooped eventually! Taking a moment to soak up some sun. I have so much fun making the most of every second with my little best friend…she’s the tops!


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