Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ah, some alone time :)

I just had a sip of yummy Chardonnay as I watch the Cowboys game and just fed Penny. Jonathan is away having a boy's night of football watching and B is sound asleep in her room. I think I'll put away the dishes and put a load in the wash and go ahead and pick up the TV room so tomorrow can be a lazy day. Man, how life has changed! I used to think things were busy, but these days even when I have "free time" its never really free. Am I complaining? No way! This life is just perfect :).

Love my little buddy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

So busy this month! Oh wait...that's every month

Well, just like I always say: we've been so busy this month! Jonathan and I have both already had at least two concerts for school with more coming up this week, as well as Jonathan's Carrollton Wind Symphony Concert (in which some of my kids from school will sing). There's no time to shop! I guess that's a good thing because we don't have any money to buy stuff anyway!

Bridget and I had a big week with concerts, birthday parties and holiday gatherings. Here's a pic from B's first rock band exposure! She had a great time with Grammy and Pop. They're always so proud to show her off! It was a little loud, so she spent most of her time watching the fun from the foyer...gotta protect those little ears if they're going to provide perfect pitch in the future, right??

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cutest baby ever, I'm pretty sure...

Grandma and Grandpa got Bridget her first Panda. Jonathan had a panda stuffed animal when he was little and loved it! In fact, we still have his ratty Panda at the house :). Notice it in Bridget's monthly pics??

Hanging with Aunt Betsy and Aunt Mary on Thanksgiving! Our first time to meet silly Aunt Betsy!

Christmas Tree Hunting 09 (traditional Adamo family event) was great fun because we had our little one there to help. Aunt Christina really got her giggling!

What a joyous season we are enjoying! Bridget has been growing so fast and really becoming more and more fun each day. She's let out quite a few good chuckles so far, not to mention rolling over from tummy to back, smiling all the time, and talking so much! We're thrilled that our little Christmas gift is so social :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

What a weekend!

Our awesome friends, Michael and Dena, are in town from Los Angeles to visit us and meeting Bridget. They arrived on Thursday and will stay through Thanksgiving morning (well, their flight is at 5:30am or something, so really they're here til Wednesday night!) and got to have a romantic weekend downtown thanks to a friend of their's and his hotel vouchers. Oh! Best part? They got engaged on Friday!!!! Here's the lowdown on their trip adventures so far:

Thursday: meet Bridget! Dinner at Christina's restaurant with Adamos and Cory
Friday: get engaged! Attempt to see tree lighting downtown with Santa but get thwarted by rain. Adamos find out the good news and share a toast. Dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse Saturday: DJ gig for Michael!
Sunday: Cowboys game (yay! Cows 7, Washington 6)

Here are some fun pics from our 1st 1/2 of their visit:

As usual, I always have grand plans for yummy food/drinks/etc. like any good hostess. Well, I think I outdid myself for our breakfast tailgate this time! The game started at noon, and usually we tailgate 3 hours before...yep, keep moving back the clock and you'll eventually get to our wake-up time of 6:30am in order to get out on time. Not so hot when you think about me staying up to cook until 1am! Here's our menu:

Bottled Water
Miller Lite
Bud Lite Lime

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
Breakfast sandwiches (Grands biscuits, egg, cheese, bacon...some veggie)
Breakfast bake (hash browns, eggs, veggie sausage, bisquick, etc.)
Pigs in a blanket

Yes, I'll take a bow....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get your imaginations ready, please...

Too bad I can't upload any pics these days. Penny ate my mini-USB cord while I was at work the other day. She's an amazing pooch and she's my furry baby, but man does she test my patience! She's been finding one item a day (usually something without meaning but occasionally something important) to destroy as well as wet the carpet once a day...poor girl...if only I could afford doggie daycare :(

Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Life!

I think what's keeping me from updating my blog regularly again is the weight of catching everyone up on the last 2 1/2 months. So, that being said, I've decided to just start where I am and proceed from here! Bridget is amazing....she's the happiest little baby and such a calming presence in our home for all God's creatures. She sleeps through the night (last night we got a 10:30-6:30 amount of sleep...amazing!) and is pretty predictable for feedings and naps, too. We're prepared for everything to go topsy-turvy at some point, but we'll take what we can get!

Going back to work has been tough but I'm making it and so is Jonathan. The greatest thing we've done in our life with Bridget so far is have Jonathan stay home for a week with her when I returned to the classroom. They really strengthened that daddy/daughter relationship and made their own little memories together. I could see the change in attitude for Jonathan almost instantly. Thank goodness his boss encouraged him to take the time (well, forced him). I don't know that he would have done it on his own! Those first time dads can be a little nervous at first but once they see that they can do it and be fine there's nothing that can stop them (except maybe an invitation to disc golf or camping).

I'll be back soon! Plus, I've got updated pics from the weekend of baby showers but since Penny decided to gobble up the camera cord, I have no means of loading pics just yet. This must be rectified!!!!

I've missed you, blog :).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

beautiful, crazy life!

No, blog...I haven't forgotten you. I've got big plans for a blog overhaul including a more interesting design and prettier colors to better reflect the Adamo way of life. Right now, you're very basic. Not Adamo of you at all!

I also have so many pictures and videos to put up of our most recent exciting life adventure: our angel, Bridget Marie! Yes, its been since Monday, September 7th at 11:17am that she's been in our lives and its no excuse that I haven't updated you since then. It will happen! She is the light of our lives and much of what gets posted on this blog will now be about her!

See you soon....hold out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ok, so I couldn't wait :)

Penny loves being in the new nursery!

Our beautiful (and organic!) bedding :)

We're so grateful for this hand-me-down piece from my parents. I looks great with our room!

View from the hall door into the baby oasis!

Penny enjoying our pretty, peaceful guest room...

We're on the final countdown!

Our due date is just a few days away (Monday the 7th) and we can't wait! With every day our little girl continues to hold on, Jonathan and I are able to get more things done off our pre-baby checklist. Yay! I love me a good checklist. I've felt so many changes in the last few days and I continue to anticipate what new feelings are in store with each new day. She's going to be here so soon!!!!!

I managed to get nursery pictures loaded to my Facebook page (see link on the right), but I'll put some up here, too, for fun. I'd like to wait until I get the final touches put on the walls, but I might not be able to wait.

It's amazing to think that in just a little while our lives are going to change forever! When people ask me if I'm ready, I say "yes" though honestly I have no clue what to expect! For the first time in my life I really don't know what's all! It's an anxious but fun place to be and I'm so happy to be there with Jonathan!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've got some favorites :)

Keri ( is sending me my disc of images with all my maternity pics and I can't wait to show everyone some of my favorites! They're so great. Of course, my favorite one is Mommy and Penny together, but who's surprised?? As soon as I get the disc in the mail, I'll put them up!

Jonathan's putting together our crib tonight and maybe we'll get the bookshelf up, too. Then I can actually put a lot of stuff away! Our bedding, we were told, was backordered for 4 weeks, but lo and behold...I got a call yesterday saying it had come in and was ready to be picked up. Yay! I'm going to get it tomorrow. I can also get Jonathan his carseat base, which he says he's going to install as soon as he gets it. He's so excited about our little girl arriving that he's ready for her to be here today...this momma has other plans, of course, but I'll be ready whenever baby is ready (even if that means sooner rather than later).

So much to do but I'm pumped about it all. I went up to school today and now I feel pretty good about starting up...certainly anxious, but good.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Maternity pics!

I'm so glad we splurged and got some maternity pictures done. Thanks a million to my pal, Amanda, who introduced me to Keri Duckett ( and her studio. She was just lovely and even allowed our precious Penny to partake in the fun. Check out a few of the photos she posted on her blog:

I may put up some more later...stay tuned! Plus, we enjoyed our last baby shower this evening and, once again, were blessed with so many wonderful things. Most of all, however, we were blessed with well-wishes and love from so many special people in our lives. I'll put up some pics!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting close!

yes, I skipped a week. Blah! I'm about to skip this week too if I don't hop to it! We've been taking our childbirth classes and loving them (every Tuesday night!), as well as working on the nursery and guest bedrooms. I've got picks just about ready to put up of the nearly finished guest room...I'd better run out and finish painting the furniture so it will be officially done! Oh, and of course...and much needed trip to Garden Ridge for some cheap goodies...see you soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Most recent belly pics!

Me with my Salty Dog!

Gotta have a belly pic from the beach, though I wish Jonathan didn't pull my dress around so it gave me such a bubble butt. Oh well. I'll let it go :)

I forgot to take the belly pic that week, so this pre-Rangers game belly pic is being the pinch hitter!

Getting bigger every week!

Nursery is on the way...

Well, now that we have the wood floors in the nursery now we just need to finish it! The crib awaits us at the store, but we have to sand/tape/paint the dingy baseboards then tape/paint the walls...then its time to move in the furniture! I can't wait!

Stay tuned for finished pictures. Oh yeah! I'm trying to convince Jonathan to get the guest room painted as well while we're doing the nursery...cross your fingers for me! Hopefully you'll be seeing some lovely new pics of it, too!

The house keeps getting better

I wanted to take a pic of the front of the house while it was still under construction. Little did I know the Empire dude was walking out! He was such a good sport and a really nice guy.

Our formal living room served as a storage area for a time...

The Yellowstone Room getting its new was so happy, I know!

I didn't get the official before pic of the nursery in time, so this stage 2 pic will have to do. Those Empire dudes were so quick! This just makes it look like a ping pong table...

A before pic of the "office" which will now be the guest room

Ahh....hardwood floors in the nursery...allergies be damned!I love the smell of new carpet! We had this kind put in both the Yellowstone Room and the guest room.

I love the smell of new carpet! We had this kind put in both the Yellowstone Room and the guest room.

Baby Shower #1!

While I'm enjoying summer more than I've ever in the past, I still love to think fondly on my wonderful workplace and friends/supports that walk its halls during the school year. Carrollton Elementary is such a special place to me that has been with me through all the years of my marriage and now all the days of being a mommy so far...and so many more to come!

I hope you enjoy a sampling of pics from my school baby shower held the last week of school. Even my adorable parents were able to make it out to celebrate (after they had been pulled over by the Carrollton PD...luckily the officer was very nice!).

The beautiful Jill was nice enough to be both gift scribe AND photographer, so its thanks to her that I have these tangible memories of my special day. Though she's leaving Carrollton Elementary for closer pastures, she'll still be my go-to gal for so many things. Lots of love to you, Jill!!!

Blog, how I've missed thee!

I've really missed adding posts to the blog over these last 3 1/2 weeks. I've had so much on my mind recently, that sitting down and organizing thoughts just hasn't been at the top of my list. However, its so cathartic to sit back and review over all the events that have been happening in our lives, both large and small, so now I'm back!

I know I'm going to need some of this decompression time once our little angel comes to us in a few short months, so I'm determined to stay on top of things! My goal is to update at least weekly from now through early September, and I'd really like to settle on a good blog design that reflects my style and personality a bit better...right now, its just bare bones because I still don't know what I'm doing. I just need to take 30 minutes to an hour here or there and do a little DIY research and get it done. Plus, my brain is seriously packed with baby questions and ideas, so I'm ready to start looking on other blogs that can give me some inspiration. I look forward to seeing everyone's creativity!

Friends: get ready for a flood of pics and brief descriptions so I can catch up on everything JUNE in the Adamo house!

Love to all...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Puppy Pool Party!

After an afternoon of playing with Sage at Julie and Ryan's, we came home and played in the puppy pool for the first time. Keep in mind, this is the plastic baby pool I scored at Kroger for 50% off because it was miss-marked. I love sneaky deals! After we were done swimming, David brought over Pearl and we had even more doggy playtime in addition to some delicious grilling. What a Sunday!

Flowers and Fruit: Year Number 4!

Jonathan never disappoints. I caught him trying to sneak these beautiful flowers into school on our anniversary (Thursday, the 28th) and was so happy to see him! Since we like to follow the "traditional" wedding anniversary gifts, he knew he needed to get some flowers...STAT! I can't wait for next year (year 5's gift is wood) when we can buy a tree or something nice for our yard.

I can't believe I let a week pass without a belly pic!

Well, I missed week 25 due to craziness at school and such. Now I'm back on track! Getting bigger and hoping to stave off stretch marks :). We're getting close to a name, too. Finally!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anniversary Weekend!

Oh, the joys of having our anniversary near Memorial Day weekend. It's not officially til Thursday, we were happy to celebrate early. The Adolphus Hotel was quite hospitable and we enjoyed some much needed R&R on Saturday. Important baby stuff was completed at Lone Star Baby (thank you, Keisha, who taught us all about strollers...we're experts now!), and then we shared a nice dinner with the Williams fam at Mattito's...a fav...though I really missed my Rumba Rita :).

Sunday brought us a super fun Rangers/Yankees game...until the Yankees showed up (which happened to be the top of the first). At least we had fun with Cory and enjoyed some sweet seats! Thank the Lord for my little spray fan and mi sombrero!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Catching up can be so hard

Here's the latest belly pic, though it was taken a little late this week. I've also included a cute pic taken with fellow music teacher, Emily, who's due right after me. Congrats to her and all of her impressive middle schoolers! They put on a great show for my 5th graders with the musical, "Once On This Island". Way to go, Emily!

With school, baby, Penny, and life these days, things have been crazy! We've been lucky to see long-lost friends and complete quite a few outside-of-school activities but that doesn't leave much time for our regular life. I'm so glad summer is coming soon!