Monday, September 30, 2013

A post! Prost!!!

I really have been writing posts lately, just saving them for a rainy day. So much has been going on in Adamoland that its a daunting task trying to get it all down on "paper", which is always what puts me behind. Here's a little pic from our annual Oktoberfest/Jonathan's birthday gathering, held this past Saturday. As you can see, this is my best effort to put myself together + get my house ready (no maid, thank you very much! I actually had a housekeeper scheduled for once and she had to cancel. My life.) + prepare the spread + decorate + be the hostess with the mostess + attend B's closest little friend from school's birthday party that afternoon (the torrential downpour trapped us in Dallas for an extra hour - I had to get home to keep cleaning!!)...I was pretty darn impressed that I managed to put on a necklace at all. And also, these other ladies keep me sane and happy. I haven't even pulled out the camera in weeks but thankfully my Syble managed to take a few pics of the party for posterity's sake. Someday I'll post B's birthday remarks and her birthday interview. Ugh. TOO MUCH GOING ON. Ta ta for now!