Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm scared...

Blogger has seriously been freaking out of me the last day or home, I tried signing on and it pretended that I didn't exist. Thankfully, I could still load posts from my Live Writer and view the blog, just not through my dashboard. Then I was able to using Internet Explorer, just not Firefox like normal...

Now I'm at work and its allowing me to sign in, but I can't post a comment without signing in again and it's playing the same damn game of not recognizing me! I'm really getting nervous that my posts are going to go away forever as is the blog itself. Eek! Let me know if you notice anything weird about my page anytime so I can keep checking it as I find a way to back things up and keep posts safe. So sad! Boo to you, blogger. Boo!


  1. I heart Live Writer. And I wish there was a way to transfer blogs from Blogger to Word Press. >:(

  2. It's done some weird stuff with me lately, too. I couldn't post a video the other day, one of my posts totally disappeared and then reappeared the next day but without comments, and just general weirdness. This is where I've written down all of Jack's little moments -- and I'm sure you feel the same about B. What would we do if they lost it all?? They better get their act together ;)