Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ah, some alone time :)

I just had a sip of yummy Chardonnay as I watch the Cowboys game and just fed Penny. Jonathan is away having a boy's night of football watching and B is sound asleep in her room. I think I'll put away the dishes and put a load in the wash and go ahead and pick up the TV room so tomorrow can be a lazy day. Man, how life has changed! I used to think things were busy, but these days even when I have "free time" its never really free. Am I complaining? No way! This life is just perfect :).

Love my little buddy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

So busy this month! Oh wait...that's every month

Well, just like I always say: we've been so busy this month! Jonathan and I have both already had at least two concerts for school with more coming up this week, as well as Jonathan's Carrollton Wind Symphony Concert (in which some of my kids from school will sing). There's no time to shop! I guess that's a good thing because we don't have any money to buy stuff anyway!

Bridget and I had a big week with concerts, birthday parties and holiday gatherings. Here's a pic from B's first rock band exposure! She had a great time with Grammy and Pop. They're always so proud to show her off! It was a little loud, so she spent most of her time watching the fun from the foyer...gotta protect those little ears if they're going to provide perfect pitch in the future, right??

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cutest baby ever, I'm pretty sure...

Grandma and Grandpa got Bridget her first Panda. Jonathan had a panda stuffed animal when he was little and loved it! In fact, we still have his ratty Panda at the house :). Notice it in Bridget's monthly pics??

Hanging with Aunt Betsy and Aunt Mary on Thanksgiving! Our first time to meet silly Aunt Betsy!

Christmas Tree Hunting 09 (traditional Adamo family event) was great fun because we had our little one there to help. Aunt Christina really got her giggling!

What a joyous season we are enjoying! Bridget has been growing so fast and really becoming more and more fun each day. She's let out quite a few good chuckles so far, not to mention rolling over from tummy to back, smiling all the time, and talking so much! We're thrilled that our little Christmas gift is so social :)