Monday, May 9, 2011

M-I-C…K-E-Y…Dane is TWO, Whee!!!

Well, if you read regularly you already know how I feel about Pump It Up, Jr…so I was not about to miss out on Dane’s 2nd birthday celebration held there this past weekend. Bridget loves it so much she ran right in without me while I signed the waiver form. Wheeeeeeeee!

Here’s Bridget being welcomed by Dane’s mom, Stefanie. Such a good helper with the present! (Oh, did I mention she threw a fit in the middle of the parking lot when I wouldn’t let her take out the tissue and/or carry it? After solving the problem, I looked up and realized a) we were blocking a minivan from parking and b) that minivan belonged to one of Stef’s good friends who were inside just cracking up at us! That sweet friend is a mom of 4 under 4. That’s right. I said 4 under 4! The oldest just turned 4, then she’s got a 3 year old. Then she has twin 2 year olds! You know she understands! Love her :).


She’s a pro at this:

IMG_2322 IMG_2323   

Tickle Monster!!!! She was indifferent…


“Want to hold hands, Bridgetttttt?” (Dane does such a great job of pronouncing B’s name now, but loves to say that “t” at the end. So cute!)




We’re ready for Baby Brock to arrive! You know Stef is ready :)


Look at my big girl drinking a juice all on her own at a table with all boys. She’s one little independent woman!


Getting some time to relax in the birthday chair!


I’m sorry, but did someone replace my baby with a little girl?! When did this happen?!


Precious Birthday Boy!

IMG_2342 IMG_2343 IMG_2344

She was the first one to dig in…go girl!

IMG_2345 IMG_2346  

Another fun high school friend was there with her gorgeous son, Cade. He was so sweet to Bridget!

 IMG_2350  IMG_2352



Dane and Daddy :)


“I Love you, Mimi!!! (that means Minnie…and Mickey)IMG_2358

Checking out that awesome chair for herself:


She’s wayyy into jewelry right now, so we were thrilled when numerous bracelets came tumbling out of our favor bag! Whee!


Bracelets AND balloons for the car?! That’s one content little doodle, people!

IMG_2362 IMG_2363  IMG_2365 IMG_2366

Happy Birthday, Dane! We’re so thankful you invited us to share in the fun :).

I can’t wait to share all my Mothers Day pics. What a fabulously memorable day I had yesterday. Life is good!!! Stay tuned….:)

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  1. I think I see some boys checking out your sweet girl...I don't blame them!