Thursday, May 26, 2011

Introducing: Our family’s new baby, Arnie!

Well, its not technically OUR family…he belongs to Grammy and Pop…but he’s pretty much Bridget’s newest cousin :). Here he is!

iPhone love May 2011 053

Isn’t he just the cutest thing since this???:


(I know, its so hard to believe Penny used to look like this!)

Back to Arnie (full name: Arnold Palmer Williams…Dad loves him so golf). Bridget was so excited to meet him and got tickled as soon as she saw him in his little puppy kennel…


Finally Grammy helps him out so she can have her first chance to love on Arnie:


Then it was time to play outside together!!! (Well, play for Bridget but run and hide for Arnie!)

IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2583 IMG_2584

“Arr-Ruff, where are you??” (her new favorite phrase!)


Love him!!!


They’re going to be the best of friends and I love it so much!


Arnie was thankful for a break once Bridget discovered Grammy’s new bird bath she got for Mother’s Day:


Then Pop came home! This was his first time to meet Arnie since he’d been out of town for work :)


We had so much fun meeting Arnie that we came back to Grammy and Pop’s again the other day to spend some more time together:


She loved playing with some of his new toys…


And even wanted to take a few for herself :)


He loved her sparkly skirt, too!

iPhone love May 2011 078

Man, was someone ever tired after all that fun puppy playing!

iPhone love May 2011 084

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