Friday, May 13, 2011

Eek! We’re a little behind…(19 months!)


I spent so much time and energy preparing our posts about Easter that I forgot to include our 19 month picture and stats! Isn’t my funny bunny adorable?

As you can tell by my steadily dwindling statistics each month, the little specifics that she adds each month get harder and harder to pinpoint because they just continue to build upon previous skills. Scaffolding! Spiral learning! Ah, don’t I miss those teaching buzz words :).

I can tell you that last month Bridget continued to make huge strides in her abilities to communicate. She’s still not the best at enunciating, but he’s darn good and understanding Mommy and Daddy! Her “yes” and “no” is perfect, and most questions I ask are met with very clear answers. Don’t be fooled, however, we’re still dealing with our enemy, frustration, on a daily basis, but that just comes with toddler territory. It’s amazing to see how far she’s come, and I know so much more is still to come.

Since we won’t have another well visit until 24 months (moms with littler ones, can you imagine not having as many visits?! I miss learning about her percentages each month or so), I have no clue how much she weighs. She’s still wearing a lot of 18 month clothes, but depending on the brand, she can also wear 24 months or 2T. 2T!!!! My little baby sure is becoming quite the little girl :). Thankfully our shoe size has become stagnant at a 5 1/2, though we’re prepared for another huge leap (do you remember that we basically skipped over a size 3 shoe??) should it happen soon.

Man, I could talk about her forever. Love my big girl!

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