Monday, November 23, 2009

What a weekend!

Our awesome friends, Michael and Dena, are in town from Los Angeles to visit us and meeting Bridget. They arrived on Thursday and will stay through Thanksgiving morning (well, their flight is at 5:30am or something, so really they're here til Wednesday night!) and got to have a romantic weekend downtown thanks to a friend of their's and his hotel vouchers. Oh! Best part? They got engaged on Friday!!!! Here's the lowdown on their trip adventures so far:

Thursday: meet Bridget! Dinner at Christina's restaurant with Adamos and Cory
Friday: get engaged! Attempt to see tree lighting downtown with Santa but get thwarted by rain. Adamos find out the good news and share a toast. Dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse Saturday: DJ gig for Michael!
Sunday: Cowboys game (yay! Cows 7, Washington 6)

Here are some fun pics from our 1st 1/2 of their visit:

As usual, I always have grand plans for yummy food/drinks/etc. like any good hostess. Well, I think I outdid myself for our breakfast tailgate this time! The game started at noon, and usually we tailgate 3 hours before...yep, keep moving back the clock and you'll eventually get to our wake-up time of 6:30am in order to get out on time. Not so hot when you think about me staying up to cook until 1am! Here's our menu:

Bottled Water
Miller Lite
Bud Lite Lime

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
Breakfast sandwiches (Grands biscuits, egg, cheese, bacon...some veggie)
Breakfast bake (hash browns, eggs, veggie sausage, bisquick, etc.)
Pigs in a blanket

Yes, I'll take a bow....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get your imaginations ready, please...

Too bad I can't upload any pics these days. Penny ate my mini-USB cord while I was at work the other day. She's an amazing pooch and she's my furry baby, but man does she test my patience! She's been finding one item a day (usually something without meaning but occasionally something important) to destroy as well as wet the carpet once a day...poor girl...if only I could afford doggie daycare :(

Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Life!

I think what's keeping me from updating my blog regularly again is the weight of catching everyone up on the last 2 1/2 months. So, that being said, I've decided to just start where I am and proceed from here! Bridget is amazing....she's the happiest little baby and such a calming presence in our home for all God's creatures. She sleeps through the night (last night we got a 10:30-6:30 amount of sleep...amazing!) and is pretty predictable for feedings and naps, too. We're prepared for everything to go topsy-turvy at some point, but we'll take what we can get!

Going back to work has been tough but I'm making it and so is Jonathan. The greatest thing we've done in our life with Bridget so far is have Jonathan stay home for a week with her when I returned to the classroom. They really strengthened that daddy/daughter relationship and made their own little memories together. I could see the change in attitude for Jonathan almost instantly. Thank goodness his boss encouraged him to take the time (well, forced him). I don't know that he would have done it on his own! Those first time dads can be a little nervous at first but once they see that they can do it and be fine there's nothing that can stop them (except maybe an invitation to disc golf or camping).

I'll be back soon! Plus, I've got updated pics from the weekend of baby showers but since Penny decided to gobble up the camera cord, I have no means of loading pics just yet. This must be rectified!!!!

I've missed you, blog :).