Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Egg Hunt – Volume II: The Neighborhood!

I’d already had my mind set on attending the hunt in The Colony (see this post), but a couple days after making the plan we got had a visitor at our front door. Some of our sweet neighbors from down the street were hosting a neighborhood Egg Hunt! To top it all off, it was on a Saturday and I could actually attend! Thank you to Laurie for making the hunt at 4pm (after nap AND after Kindermusik). It was a complete success and I can’t wait for next year’s gathering. What a special neighborhood we live in!

Woke up. Got dressed. Grabbed her basket. Headed down to street with a big smile!


Bridget LOVED the sidewalk chalk. Too bad they were egg shaped, making her believe they were to be hoarded in her basket. Ah, that silly doodle!


Daddy trying to explain that she needed to share the chalk. Good luck, Daddy…

IMG_2037 IMG_2038

That little boy was looking longingly at that chalk!


Bridget playing with our “host”, Eva. She’s just a few months older than B and such a little ham!


Sharing the eggs with Daniel and letting him know they belong in his basket (*wrong*). I was thrilled to find out that Daniel’s Mommy is expecting TWIN GIRLS this fall! How exciting! You know that’s a newborn visit I can’t wait to make. B and I often see Daniel and his Mommy walking around the neighborhood in the evening after she gets off work. It was fun to finally chat with her more than just the few words from across the street!


Our party planner, Laurie, letting the kids know its time to start hunting!


And she’s off!


What a pro!


She’s much more interested in what’s inside now that she knows there might be candy in there:


“Help, Mommy!”:


Egg races for the big kids:


Bridget “listening” to a brief Easter story from Laurie:


Love celebrating with my precious little lady and making so many memories together!!!



  1. Hoe fun, Anna, and B looks adorable as always!

  2. What fun neighbors...love it!