Saturday, April 13, 2013

Law Babies Eggstravaganza

Another successful egg hunt on the Law Quad! Not surprising, of course, because I happened to all every last ounce of work for this dang event. What’s new. Everyone learns quick that I’m a girl who’ll get stuff done, no matter what else she may have going on in her life. Eh…I can’t complain too much…it ended up being a really fun event!

Huge hits #1 – GIANT BUBBLES! Got a homemade recipe and a cheap wand and voila – kids and adults alike were hypnotized. Hello, cheap summer activity!!!


Huge hit #2 – really good quality face painter!


She was so good, even the Mommies jumped in for some fun. And she managed to match each of our designs to our outfits! Bonus!


Easy little crafts:


Then we were off on the hunt! Though the day started off in the low 40’s (yikes! this weather is really putting a kink in our Spring plans!), it finally got to be pretty darn nice in the sun by the time the event rolled around. Phew!



Surveying our loot:


And my hostess with the mostess made sure to share pinwheels with all of her guests. She was a great helper!


Remembering some of the fun from last year’s Law Babies Egg Hunt (no fair how fast these kiddos grow!!!):

Easter Weekend 2012 160Easter Weekend 2012 260Easter Weekend 2012 366Easter Weekend 2012 429

We’ll certainly be ready for this party again in 2014!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome back, Amanda + Perot Museum


Amanda made it home for her first return trip since moving to Amsterdam for work last September! We started the celebration by meeting old friends for dinner at Chuy’s on Friday night. When you’ve been friends with someone since you were two, nothing can stop you from picking up right from where you left off. So refreshing!


Then Bridget and I both met Amanda and friends at the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science. I was a little worried about the rumored crowds (especially since we were going on a Saturday), not to mention the fact that Amanda’s planned arrival time was 1:00pm (basically the start of B’s nap time these days)…but my mom has volunteered there a few times and she assured me it was worth it. She was 100% RIGHT! We love it!


So much science to soak up! And the entire place is very, very kid friendly and hands on. So much for all my stern reminders not to TOUCH anything at a museum!




Check out this giant rearrangeable magnet wall!!!




Even the section about THE GROUND was interesting – seriously! I’m geology’s newest fan!


“Mommy, it’s a tornado!”…I thought it was a pretty funny joke that kid’s could reach out to touch the tornado, but as soon as their hand passed through the stream of wind it disappeared. Scientists are so dang silly!


Dallas girls:



Even when I walked into this area I exclaimed, “I’m overly stimulated!!!” And I meant it. We plan to spend more time in this room on our next visit when there’s more space and more time!


And thankfully there’s a small little frog garden outside as incentive to get your child to leave the amazing museum. They will NOT want to leave!


And a giant xylophone as you walk down the path to the parking lot! Phew!


29 years and counting! We can’t wait for her next visit home…or our visit over there!