Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Fabulous Weekend of Birthdays!


The weekend before school starts has been an exciting time for me and B for three years in a row now. Two very special birthday parties have shared the same Saturday each year, but they somehow manage to separate their start times just enough for us to attend both. Yippee! (of course, that makes for ONE TIRED GIRL…sheesh)

First up: Landry and Lindsay’s Painting Party!

Ya’ll. This was one of the cutest ideas I’ve seen in a while. The twins’ dad built a huge easel and all the kids got an apron and a canvas where Kevin had pre-painted (to allow for quick drying and adhesion of the paint) and stenciled pics. He was super dad! The kids got to choose their favorite design – B chose a bee with a flower. Shocked?

Look how happy she is!



B has shared a home day care with Landry and Lindsay since she was 2 months old. Even Miss Kathy came to check out all the art work! We love you, Miss Kathy!



Playing with daycare buddies – two Princess Belles (Bridget and Brinley):


Hanging with one of the birthday girls, Landry:



Doesn’t this look like so much fun?!


Next up, we headed to Frisco for a laid-back beverage at Starbucks and quiet reading at Half-Price Books before it was time for our sweet friend, Alexandra’s 5th birthday party! The FUN BUS was coming!!!


Bridget and birthday girl, Alexandra with one of Alexandra’s pals, Sarah:


Who wouldn’t want to come play in a place like this?! An air-conditioned school bus that will come to your house, filled with what’s basically a little Little Gym inside?! Wish I’d nabbed some action shots, but the bus was pretty much kids and Fun Bus teachers only (both of whom did a great job with the kids!)…while the grownups got to hang in the house. Nice Smile. It was nice of the teachers to allow parents to sneak in for some pics!


Delicious cake and presents came up next, and then I sadly didn’t any more pics because I was dealing with a tantrum queen who just didn’t want the party to ever stop. I only have myself to blame Smile. At least it was safe to say she had an awesome time! The other kids at Alexandra’s party were so well-behaved and really played well together. It’s always refreshing to be at a party where everyone is mostly on the same page. Ahh. I’m pretty sure we have Alexandra and her parents’ dispositions to thank for that!


Happy birthday, friends! We love you and are so thankful you included us in your special day!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scared to change!

In case you’re wondering why I still have Christmas-themed blog designs on my page, its because this is what I’ve had up since I had my hard drive crash and I’m scared to change it and lose anything! I know that’s silly, because I’ve certainly saved everything already in multiple places…but man is change scary.

I think it would be pretty cathartic to just overhaul the whole darn blog and start fresh with a knew template because this one is obviously all off…something I’ll work on in my spare time Winking smile.

Happy week!

Home Visit from Miss Suzanne!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…so I love Bridget’s pre-school. Honestly, shouldn’t every parent love her kiddo’s preschool? Last year, you may remember my “I’m falling apart” story that started with me getting the wrong day for B’s school visit to meet her teacher, Miss Trish, which caused me to crumble like a day-old crispy cookie right there in the parking lot. Well, this year the teachers come to the kids!!! Wahoo!!! I’m always happy to have an excuse to clean my house (like most, I usually clean my house when others are coming over…makes me keep up with friends better AND it makes me clean my house more often. Great symbiotic relationship), and Miss Suzanne’s visit was certainly a reason to clean!

While I was filling out paperwork for B’s class, my little got a chance to show her teacher around the house and introduce Miss Suzanne to all B’s favorite toys.


Next up came puzzles and books in the toy room. It’s so cool to watch seasoned preschool teachers evaluate kiddos during activities, all the while the littles are feeling like they’re just having fun together.


Someone’s even more excited to start school next week! It can’t come soon enough!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Swim!

I’m so proud of our little swimmer! Sure, I don’t plan on tossing her into the deep end and then heading to the nearest chaise…but it’s nice to know that she CAN hold her own at least a little bit. Phew!


Floating was her least favorite part of swimming last summer…now she’s a total pro and loves to show off to anyone and everyone!


Borrowing Miss Lauren’s shades Smile:


She was so proud to show off all her skills for Mommy, Daddy, and Mimi!


The instructors at our pool are so great! I know they’re likely high schoolers or early college age but man are they dedicated and enthusiastic with these littles. I can’t wait to have her start Level I next year! Big girl!


Random other bits of summer swim adventures for our littlest fish:


Someone I know sure is fun and fearless when it comes to water play!