Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Whimsical Wedding Heard ‘Round the World!

I certainly wouldn’t say I was obsessed with the whole Royal Wedding thing or anything, but when the day finally arrived I was so glad I’d bucked up and recorded the Today Show’s coverage. What a delightful moment in history!


Now, don’t think I got up at 3am or anything to watch it (do you know me??), but I did get up a whole 30 minutes early to peruse through the first 3 hours of footage and the ceremony before getting up my own little princess. Wasn’t it just so swoon-worthy??? The church was subtle yet uniquely gorgeous with the tremendous trees watching over the events below them. And the music. Oh, the music! It was truly heavenly. I’m not ashamed at all to say I teared up more than once upon hearing those splendid boys voices from the choir rows. They did everything just perfectly.


After the ceremony, I just left my recording going and when to get Princess Bridget out of her crib (it was a Friday, so I was getting ready for work and taking her to Kathy’s for the day). When we came out to have her morning milk (we always watch a few minutes of Today together), it was moments before the first kiss of the Buckingham Palace balcony. Perfect timing!


I’m so happy to have these memorable pictures to show her in the future. What a historical moment we witnessed together! Its been a long time since I saw 6 straight hours of GOOD NEWS on national television. I went into the office with an uplifted heart and hope in my soul. Such a whimsical day!


Congratulations to the newlyweds, both royal and other!

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