Friday, April 25, 2014

We're almost there! (Wrote this last week - thought it published!)

Well, I'm at 36+ weeks and apparently there are 1,000+ scenarios for what could happen in the next 3 weeks. This is a tough realization for anyone trying to plan anything around this baby (I think I'm the only one who has thrown in the towel already and said "bring it on").

Over the last 6 weeks, I've had blood pressure issues (not enough to become an emergency, but enough to be considered high risk) and last week I experienced my first ocular migraine (no headache! Just crazy blurred vision in a random crescent mom had two last year so we knew exactly what it was...phew!). That combined with protein in my samples meant cause for pre-eclampsia concern. Thankfully, I keep passing blood tests and non-stress test sonos every time! Dr. T prepared us for the likelihood she'd need to take this guy at 38 weeks to ensure Mommy's safety. 

(Love her - she inquired when my finals were, which are scheduled for 38 1/2 weeks - and agreed she'd do her best to wait until they're done!)

Then yesterday's appointment happened. Blood tests and pee tests came back looking great, blood pressure was the lowest it's been in weeks (despite being taken right after a Bridget tantrum - appts at 2:30 aren't ideal for us)...she starting saying maybe we can wait til he comes on his own! Fast forward to cervix check. 1cm on Friday - 2 1/2 on Wednesday. Sooo...basically he have no clue what this baby has in store for us. Maybe arriving in a few days! Maybe dilating fast now only to stall for weeks. Maybe induced for safety reasons. Thankful this is out of my hands, that's all I can say :).

Lately we've been enjoying our time as a family of 3 as much as possible. Won't be long before the world flips on its head and things are forever changed! A few iPhone pics of recent events: