Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anniversary Weekend!

Oh, the joys of having our anniversary near Memorial Day weekend. It's not officially til Thursday, we were happy to celebrate early. The Adolphus Hotel was quite hospitable and we enjoyed some much needed R&R on Saturday. Important baby stuff was completed at Lone Star Baby (thank you, Keisha, who taught us all about strollers...we're experts now!), and then we shared a nice dinner with the Williams fam at Mattito's...a fav...though I really missed my Rumba Rita :).

Sunday brought us a super fun Rangers/Yankees game...until the Yankees showed up (which happened to be the top of the first). At least we had fun with Cory and enjoyed some sweet seats! Thank the Lord for my little spray fan and mi sombrero!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Catching up can be so hard

Here's the latest belly pic, though it was taken a little late this week. I've also included a cute pic taken with fellow music teacher, Emily, who's due right after me. Congrats to her and all of her impressive middle schoolers! They put on a great show for my 5th graders with the musical, "Once On This Island". Way to go, Emily!

With school, baby, Penny, and life these days, things have been crazy! We've been lucky to see long-lost friends and complete quite a few outside-of-school activities but that doesn't leave much time for our regular life. I'm so glad summer is coming soon!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Subaru Love Fest!

In case you aren't aware, Jonathan loves his Subaru more than he loves his wife (well, most of the time). These days, he gets much joy from making short videos of his wagon doing various exciting things and they just get better and better. Here's his latest endevor...I particularly like the song choice! Enjoy:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our First Trip to the Dog Park!

Video of our Dog Park excursion will be up as soon as they can be edited for length :). She was the star of the show!

My First Mother's Day!

Here's the latest belly pic of Baby Adamo:

Monday, May 4, 2009

More Shiny Penny Pics!

She keeps growing, and growing, and growing....

Jonathan tried to include Penny in the picture, but all she wanted to do was eat her own dog poop instead...we just couldn't let that slide...

Granbury Weekend with Pokeno!

We were enjoying the cool weather....surprise!

Rose's special treasure boxes. What a find she got at one of the many shops on the Granbury square.

The coolest display of creativity I've seen in a long time! Though I didn't dare sit on the seat...

Annual staircase picture...

Glenda slicing our glorious buttermilk pie. We were stuffed, but we were all SO glad Margaret suggested we get it anyway.

Our lunch at the Merry Heart Tea Room. I hope we weren't TOO crazy for those sweet Granbury lunchers...