Friday, May 13, 2011

20 months!


Four months away from her big birthday….agh! It was alarmingly difficult for me to even admit to myself that she’d reached the 20 month mark. I think God helps mothers out by making sure children continue to be more and more loving, adorable, exciting, and fun at times like this. Otherwise, how else would our hearts be able to take the conflicting emotions we feel as we watch our babies grow so painfully fast? It makes me smile to think that he also plans life this way to encourage us to have more babies!

Bridget has many interests these days, many of which she’s had forever but some are new…and therefore so much fun for Mommy and Daddy!  A brief account:

-animals (no surprise!): dogs, cats, cows (new!), giraffes (very new!), fish, bears, birds, ducks, squirrels (new! thanks to Grammy and Pop), horses

- babies: i found a fun Cabbage Patch doll at Kid to Kid the other day and brought it home for her. She’s loved it!

-bugs: Lord, help me!


-using “big girl” things: chairs, cups, straws, juice boxes, no stroller

-cleaning: her Mommy’s girl!

Again, I could go on and on. Here’s to hoping I’ll remember to put up her next monthly pic. Only 4 months to go and I’m determined to finish this journey together…let’s do this, camera :).

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