Thursday, April 28, 2011

Egg Hunt – Volume I

Though I was a little concerned that all the chaotic weather we’ve been experiencing could put a damper (a favorite pun for sure) on all the Easter festivities I had planned for my little big girl, the Big Man pulled through for his celebration weekend and everything went swimmingly. So many reasons to be thankful this Easter holiday!

I’d really hoped to find a community Egg Hunt that sounded like “us” and when I heard about The Colony’s Annual Egg Extravaganza, my interest was peaked. Though a long morning of Ellis Ranch exploring made for a late and long nap, nearly causing us to miss the excitement, we made it in time. They had all sorts of activities set up!

We met the Easter Bunny (B thought he was hilarious from afar, but when it was out turn she pulled a “Santa” and clung to me like a barnacle to a whale) together:


Met new friends on the playground:


Decided that we’re still not ready for big-kid slides without Mommy or Daddy going with us:


Allowed Mommy a chance to remind her of a new vocabulary word we’d discussed early that morning at the ranch…donkey:


So pretty!


Fed animals at the Petting Zoo:

IMG_1971 IMG_1973

Soon enough we heard the announcement for B’s age group to head to our designated baseball field. We were in the largest group of all!



The BLACK FIELD…look out!


The long, long line of hunters + one parent filed into the field and starting lining the entire homerun fence. We stretched over the whole thing!

IMG_1977 IMG_1978

I think we’re ready for this!


HONK!!! The bullhorn blew and everyone went running! My little B didn’t get scared for a second and went right on our with everyone else into the field covered in eggs. She knew exactly what to do!


Meanwhile, I was a) trying to compose myself and stop crying ‘cause I’m pretty darn sure I looked like a sappy idiot, and b) hiding my tears behind the camera trying desperately to catch all the fun on film (well, I guess its not film anymore, eh?!):


How much do you love that beautifully crocheted clip from Lyd and Oli?! It looked perfect with her dress!


Doin’ her egg huntin’ thang:


That field was 100% clear in about 3 minutes!


Surveying her loot. Glorious loot!:

IMG_1989 IMG_1990     IMG_1998 IMG_2000 IMG_1994

Even though Daddy rushed as quickly as possible from work, he still missed the egg hunt :(. He got there as we were checking out her glorious loot and we were so thrilled to see him!


Bridget led Daddy right over the cool craft table we’d noticed. Each kid got a plastic cup for a pot, got to fill it with potting soil, and got that choice of annual flower. Ours is out back!

IMG_2006 IMG_2008

Thanks for your help, Daddy!

IMG_2009  IMG_2011

She quickly moved on from wanting to carry her egg basket to wanting to carry that plant:


We wanted to show Daddy the petting zoo, and on the way we spied the big kids’ bounce house. She was certainly intrigued:


Aren’t these two the most adorable ever?!?!

IMG_2021 IMG_2023 

Mommy likes herself a good petting zoo, too!


As you could imagine, we had a little crasher on her couch when we finally got home and ready for bed. My little angel. My heart was so full!


Neighborhood Egg Hunt is up next, followed by our glorious Sunday filled with lots of cuddly family time. Can’t wait to share!

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  1. Yes, I love the crocheted clip, but I love that sweet girl even more...what a fun outing!