Sunday, December 22, 2013

TTC #4: It’s Got Attitude (written June 5th)

*Turns out I DID write this post after all! Enjoy my musings on 6+ of trying to get pregnant*


Let’s lay a little bit of ground work with some back story:

We decided after 6 months of trying to conceive (TTC – to all internet trollers looking for info on infertility) that it was time to consult my OB. All I’d heard is to wait one year before seeking professional help. When I called to ask about appointments, I was offered a time for THE NEXT DAY. My OB said she was so glad I’d taken the initiative to call her sooner rather than later so I could get some peace of mind, at least. She said there were certainly tests she could run at this point in the process that would help determine our level of need in the area of fertility, and that she wished more of her patients would consult her at the 6 month mark instead of waiting a full year before admitting there was a problem. High five, Me!

Over the course of the next 3 months, we ran a bunch of tests (first on me, then on Jonathan) and – long story short – we were both in the clear on any possible fertility problems. Jonathan and I both tossed up some quality high fives with this news! Sure, we were relieved. But knowing there’s no problem didn’t solve our problem. Duh! I’m still not pregnant!

A few months later I called the doc back just to see if she had any other tips for us before we hit the big “one year” (when she’d officially concede to using the term “infertility”). She suggested an over the counter fertility hormone called Pregnitude. I laughed out loud when she told me the name! Her response to my laugh: “It’s got attitude!”

Dealing with end of the semester finals and preparation for summer meant I feel behind a few weeks in buying the product but when I’d gotten my period (again – ugh!!!) at the end of April, I just bit the bullet and ordered the stuff online. It arrived 3 days later.

We’ll see what happens! Not sure if it will even do anything for us because I don’t have any problems ovulating, according to my tests and Ovulation Predictor Kits…but I’m game for anything that might help before we are faced with big decisions at the end of the summer, should we still find ourselves as a family of three.

Here goes nothing!

iPhone love late Spring early Summer 2013 161

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Half way there? Are you kidding me?

So I think I might have mentioned in an earlier post that the comment, “doesn’t the pregnancy go by so fast” was not resonating with me at all. Well, that was then and this is now. We’re already over half way to the end of it! Ack! At least I’m doing a decent job of enjoying the honeymoon part of growing a baby. How fun is it to be belly cute during the holidays?!

I think it’s a combination of being WAY busier with work and school this time around + spending as much time as I possibly can doting on my 4 year old that I just don’t have the enthusiasm for weekly (that even makes me laugh that I managed weekly last time) belly pics. I cherish my photobook of our growing belly during Bridget’s pregnancy, but alas, this baby is 100% a second child already. At least I know he/she will have the necessities in life…but not the thousands of pics of him/herself doing absolutely nothing but being. It is what it is with the second one. C’est la vie, right?

Here’s a 20 week (nearly 21 weeks) shot I asked Jonathan to take this morning at our delicious breakfast with Santa. Hmmm…now to see if I can find a 20 week-er from B’s pregnancy…

bridget belly 20 weeksphoto (3)

Success! God bless you, old blog posts. But oh, I shudder at the pic from 2009! My hair! My fat arms! Oh well. I think I’ve managed to keep the weight gain down from last time, not that I care (but I don’t NOT care). I have a NY’s resolution to exercise at least once while pregnant. It’s a challenge I’m willing to consider accepting, even if it finds me sitting on the couch watching Say Yes to the Dress instead of doing that prenatal yoga video I’d planned.

Back on track -  I sure got a nice giggle out of looking back through the blog (those were pics that were lost in the infamous hard drive crash of 2011) from way back then seeing all the free time I had. Crafts! Home updates! Cooking adventures! Time for regular blog posts! Oh, old life. You make me laugh.

Tomorrow is the big gender reveal! I’m out on straight up parties for a gender reveal, so we’re just incorporating it into our already scheduled Adamo-Williams family cookie decorating party. I’m excited! Tonight we share the news with Bridget…looking forward to a good video of that reaction for posterity.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TTC #3: we go again (written June 17th)

*So one month prior to writing this post I'd talked to my doc about more things I could do to help the process along before seeing her at the one year mark. She suggested a hormone supplement called PREGNITUDE (hilarious name! we both laughed about it over the phone), so I'd started it in May. I think I might have even written a blog post that month about it but saved it to my laptop...I'll see. The title was "Pregnitude - it's got ATTITUDE!". I definitely did that. Oh well. Yeah, it obviously didn't help and I was mad I'd spent the money with no results. Alas, at least it was something to try. If you have any friends trying to conceive, have them research the product because there are lots of success stories out there!*

Another day, another pregnancy announcement. People around me need to stop getting pregnant!! No fair!! Just kidding...sort of. No really, I'm so excited for each of you and the blessing you've received. I'm just a jealous and selfish little B sometimes, too. Oh the things we can say when we're typing and no one's listening :). Seriously, ya' heart feels so heavy on days like this, but what I find myself thinking about most are those sweet souls who are living through this same struggle but are still trying in vain to have their first and only baby. I just can't imagine their heartbreak, seeing as how hard it is for me - someone who's already been blessed with a precious angel. Sure, I also think to myself - maybe its harder for me because I know what its like to have a child (the joy, hope, unconditional love, heart in another's body) and just want to feel that again?? Um, I'm pretty sure its still even harder for them. I am truly blessed. But man, it just SUCKS feeling like everyone else around you can have as many kids as they want whenever they want and you can't! Yep, just looked up from my desk and saw someone in my office and though - hmmm - he has two kids that are less than 3 years apart. Of course. Who doesn't?! Blah. Did I mention I started feeling my monthly cramps two days ago? So, here we go again... July is another month. Maybe it will be our time. (on a happier note, I look forward to uploading my thousands of pics from May and the start of June - HILTON HEAD TRIP!)