Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving Break!

I’m so impressed with all my blog friends who managed to put up their Thanksgiving blog post up within 24 hours of last Thursday. Where did you ever find the time, friends??? On the heels of our hectic trip, we decompressed on Tuesday and then saw a late showing of Harry Potter VII (awesome!!). Wednesday was a full workday for me and then both my sisters came in town Wednesday night. Enough description…more pictures:

The day began bright and early (and cold) with the annual Turkey Trot downtown. With the exception of last year (B was too small), I’ve done it every year for the past 7-8 times. Thank goodness it didn’t rain this year:


Group photo (Grammy took it):


Take a good look at those shoes, guys. One of them disappeared during our 5K adventure…

IMG_9800  IMG_9803 

While my parents and Betsy ran ahead, Mary, Jonathan, Bridget, Penny and I all got caught up in the walking crowd. Then we lost Jonathan and Penny :(. Thank goodness we found them just short of a mile in at the dog park under the freeway! Whee!


Showing off her new “TOUCHDOWN” trick. It’s a serious fave right now.


On our way up to the finish line! The Queen B got tired of doing her impression of an ice cube in the stroller, so she and I bundled up during the last mile :)

IMG_9811  IMG_9813

After the Trot, it was off to the Cowboys game with Julie and Ryan:


While tailgating, we found this REAL turkey at a huge partying tent. He would have been glad to be in a roaster that day…it was FREEZING!


The four of us have been doing Cowboys Thanksgiving Game tailgating for four years now, and this was just about the coldest (though not as bad as the day we froze in the parking lot and then travelled into Texas Stadium to continue freezing). Brrr!


Playing a quick game of Cornhole on the way into the stadium:

IMG_9820 IMG_9821 IMG_9822 

Now that we’re inside, its all jolly again:


Keith Urban put on a great halftime show! And Nicole and Sunday were there, too :):

019 020

Julie’s brother, Philip, works at the stadium so he paid us a visit!


Though I am a life-long Cowboys fan and certainly believed (a little), they didn’t come out with a W that day. At least they put up a good fight! I had lost my voice by the 4th quarter due to excessive screaming!


After the game, we went to my parents to grab B and met up with more family friends over there and stayed to chat a while. Can you believe Bridget stayed up til 10pm over there and proceeded to be awake through the whole drive home? So are the woes of the parents of a social butterfly…


Friday morning brought one of my most anticipated events of the week: seeing my precious friend, Amy, and meeting her beautiful daughter, Daisy! Amy moved to Virginia 3 weeks before Bridget was born and then had an angel of her own in February. I couldn’t wait to get my arms around both of them!


Bridget was happy to make herself at home at Amy’s parents’ house. Climbing the stairs, collecting golf balls, emptying baskets, pointing at knick-nacks….


Daisy was seriously the smiliest baby I’ve ever seen. Just like her sweet Mommy!


On both Friday and Saturday, I got to spend some time with my sisters and mom doing wedding prep stuff for Betsy. Step one: find a dress:

IMG_9835 IMG_9838 IMG_9840 IMG_9841

Step one: complete! She could have bought it right off the rack if they’d have allowed her!


Multiple stop downs for lunch and wine were scheduled:

IMG_9843 IMG_9844 

As were outings to look at possible reception sites. Here’s one option, the Meadows Museum at SMU (too small, but pretty!):


We capped off their visit with a regular Williams family tradition: dinner at Mattitos downtown. Love us some Rumba ‘Ritas and Bob Armstrong dip!

IMG_9847 IMG_9852


I’d usually be more sad about seeing Bridget’s aunts hop on their flights to their own homes, but this time it was better….’cause I get to see them both again in about 3 weeks for Christmas break! Whee!





  1. A whirlwind week of excitement! Love it!

  2. Oh how fun! And, I love all the pictures!