Friday, November 12, 2010

My Komen 3-Day Experience: Part III

Throughout Day 2, we continued to see more awesome supporters…these guys were out for their second day!:


Adrianne knows me well enough to know how important cheesy pictures are to me (we go all the way back to 2nd grade, people!). Love you, friend!:


Becky and I taught at Carrollton Elementary together, and she was there to cheer on her mom and sister as well. Her two daughters are beautiful!:


Crossing over 635…people said I was crazy when I was mentioning enjoying an uphill climb. Seriously, guys, it feels good to so a steep uphill after walking flat all day long!:


Two of my favorite stories of the trip: 1) the dead squirrel that someone had placed a “Simply the Breast” sticker on that was smack in the middle of our sidewalk, and 2) walking past a cooler provided by a neighborhood supporter that offered water and Capri-Sun after talking about my Capri-Sun craving the day before! Score!:

IMG_9379 IMG_9380

Adrianne “punching it out”, a motivational technique started by my sister, Mary, and I years ago at the Turkey Trot. It works wonders! Can’t wait to use it again in a week and half at the annual Trot with Miss Mary, herself!:


Lunchtime with Charlie and Emily!:


Mandy’s awesome K-tape that helped immensely with her foot and ankle pain. Thanks to Chiropractor Mandy, who’s my Mandy’s 3-Day Angel!:

IMG_9383 IMG_9385

My mom had gone to a bridal dress trunk show that morning (did I mention that my older sister, Betsy, just got engaged?!) that scored a $3,000 dress for $99, at it was still in her car so we got to see it!!! Who knows if Betsy will like it, but we all thought it was just beautiful!!! My sister will be a stunning bride :). IMG_9386

Sharing a sparkling beverage (just a sip!). That’s my parents for ya, guys :):

IMG_9389 IMG_9391

Mandy got to see a surprise visitor, in her friends Stephanie and Ashley! We were all so excited to hear crazy Stephanie screaming like a wild woman! It amazing what a supportive friend and/or family member can do for you over such an eventful weekend:


Stretch it out!:


Walking back over 635…


And right into the arms of more loving supporters!:


Adrianne’s mom, Donna, and our good friend Stefanie’s mom, Vicki, can to meet us at Valley View Mall. They made an amazing sign for us, too!:


Day 2 was a day of friendship :). My lovely Leah ran over from her house with her beautiful pooch, Princess, to give us all a hug, too. Princess is a Pit Bull, just like Mandy’s dog, Carmen, so it was a special moment for M, too! Yeah! :


Check out Princess’ blog…its a hoot!:IMG_9401

Obviously, when it came to supporters…I definitely played favorites :):

IMG_9403 IMG_9405 IMG_9406

My amazing baby daddy brought me another sleeping bag as I was trekking into camp that night so I could avoid being a repeat ice cube:


Cheers to us all for making it through another Day! It was great being able to walk into camp as a full team for the first time…and being able to say, “tomorrow night we’ll be back in our own beds, showers, and flushable toilets!”:


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