Thursday, November 4, 2010

We’ve been “BOO’d!”

You may have seen these, too, on your doorstep this year. Isn’t it a fabulous idea to bring the neighborhood together for some good old fashioned fun?

On Saturday morning, I woke up to find this happy orange bag on our stoop. Too bad “someone” opened it up and gobbled most of the goodies before I could take a good picture. Hmmm. This note was attached telling us how to keep the fun alive.


We were to make 3 “boo bags” of our own, fill with candy and goodies, attach the note about passing on the fun, and drop it on the stoop of 3 friends and neighbors. Well, I couldn’t simple staple a copied version of the Boo card to the bag…it had to be cuter and personal! Here’s what our finished product looked like:


I tried to get Jonathan to drop off the bags (I was scared someone would see me!), but he wasn’t having any of that. Too bad I didn’t want to draw attention to my deliveries, otherwise I would’ve had him take my picture as I did it. Just use your imagination…it was pretty fun!

Here’s to fun neighborhood tricks with treats! I’m already thinking of something similar that we can do for Christmas…any ideas are welcome!


  1. 1. being boo'd sounds super fun.
    2. when i first emailed mrs. keri duckett i said you had referred me...i think that should spell DISCOUNT in your future, but i'm not sure :)
    3. i'm in the middle of talent show madness at school - bet you don't miss that a bit!