Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spooky Stinker

After completing the costume with Grammy, we headed to the pumpkin patch to meet Kim, Riley, Addie, Junell and Landry. After the patch, we zipped home…but before we ended the day I just had to run into our neighborhood Kroger (which gets 100% of my grocery budget each week) for their Halloween party I’d seen advertised. It gave B and me a chance to try out her costume in action!

There were lots of little activity stations set up around the store for kids. So adorable! The first one we saw was cookie decorating. Of course, we took part! Free cookie AND free fun :)


We next rolled down the candy aisle, where I set B down and obviously forgot she had on regular socks (instead of grippy)…’cause she almost did a full-on splits right in front of me:


So Mommy removed the socks and she was immediately on the run:


A sweet lady was getting some good giggles out of the show B was putting on, so she volunteered to take our pic. I love it when people indulge me!


B is WAY into monkeys right now and spied this one right away. I let her touch him and nearly knocked down a castle of Monopoly games. Geez, Anna!


Next up was Bowling with Pumpkins (well, it was a bouncy ball but looked like a pumpkin). The soda bottles were weighed down, making them too heavy for B to knock down but she still loved playing the game!

IMG_9199   IMG_9202 IMG_9203

Lastly, we stopped at the “How Many Oreos Can You Stack?” station. I did the stacking, but B reaped the rewards :)

IMG_9204  IMG_9206 

My little stinker is such a great helper at the store!


More Halloween skunk pics to come…:)

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