Saturday, November 27, 2010

City of my little Angel

Our LA trip has come and gone, as has this year’s Thanksgiving, and what can I say? I’m pooped! I’ve so wanted to blog more this week but it has been completely non-stop over here since we left for the wedding and now that my sisters are both in town and we’re in full Williams wedding swing, its been rough. Adamos are busy enough already, but when you combine it with busy Williams’ my head starts to spin. Let’s try to recap our trip:

Our four hour flight adventure started at 7pm, so Jonathan and I assumed we’d give our girl her milk at that time and she’d be asleep upon take off…um, she was awake the entire time!:


But as soon as we’d retrieved our stroller at the gate, she climbed in and was snoozing before we’d reached baggage claim. Mommies: take your tiny ones on the plane while they’re tiny and will still sleep, fo realz!


She had so much fun playing with cousins Anthony and Noah and they had fun “babysitting” her. I was so thankful they were there to entertain her!:


Her first cab ride! I was not so pumped but she was a big fan:


Our first event was brunch at a local German biergarten called the Red Lion Tavern. You know Jonathan loved that:

IMG_9605  IMG_9607 

We had so much fun catching our first glimpse of the groom, Michael (Jonathan’s best friend from grade school) , and spending time with LA friends. And isn’t her outfit the cutest??IMG_9610 IMG_9611      

The wedding rehearsal was held in Pershing Square in downtown LA, right across the street from our hotel. How handy! We also were tickled to see an outdoor ice skating rink at the park…it sure was cold enough over the weekend for ice to hold up outdoors, even in LA.

IMG_9618  IMG_9624

Meeting Michaels’ mom, Roxanne, for the first time. She loved her!


The awesome cake I saw in the lobby of The Biltmore where we stayed. There was a BEAUTIFUL wedding Saturday night complete with authentic full dress from some Asian country and the most amazing smelling flowers of all time. I almost crashed it…


We were instructed to save space at the sports bar nearby for the boys so we could all watch the Cowboys game…but the boys ended up running out of time so Christina (Jonathan’s sister) and I just enjoyed some kid-free time together. Wahoo!


Wedding time!


Christina and her two wonderful boys, Anthony and Noah. So sweet!


There was only one other baby at the wedding and his name was Brody. He was 9 months old and already heavier than Bridget (28 lbs! A chunk!). Such a cutie:


Dena bought Bridget her pretty dress so she’d match the wedding party. There wasn’t a flower girl, so B became the honorary one. So cute!


Jonathan was the best man and Michael (the groom) had given all the guys Fedoras to wear since that’s “his thing”. I thought it looked nice and Bridget loved the hats!


With the beautiful bride, Dena:IMG_9666IMG_9667

Jonathan’s parents:


My little partying family:


The happy couple, the Younkins:

IMG_9721  IMG_9682

Buzzing lips with Uncle Matt:


Playing with Uncle Cory’s hat:


Could she be trying to tell me something??:


Dancin’ Queen:


With her babysitter, Anthony:


Sleepy girl:

IMG_9730 IMG_9756  

Dena giving a final message to the guests…”We’re being kicked out due to time and noise!” hehehe


My Plano boys:


Getting ready to go have breakfast:


The new happy couple!


Riding on her first Subway!


Hollywood girl!


Our luggage cart upon check-out….EXTREME!


Phew! This blog post has been just about as tiring as the trip itself. It was fun but man was I ready to get home. Love me some Texas!


  1. Love the pics! And Bridget was BEAUTIFUL, of course! :)

  2. What a super way to start an amazing Adamo adventure-filled week! Love Bridgey's hat. :) Can't wait to see y'all soon and give that girl some love!!!

    Oh, and I cringe just thinking about traveling by plane with Scooter right now. Toddlerhood = moments of insanity for mommy.