Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Komen Experience: Part IV

Our last night at camp meant I had a lot of stuff to document ‘cause we wouldn’t be back again (well, until next year!). Here’s Mandy and I waiting in line to charge our phones at the AT&T Station:


The corral of shower buses. They were awesome. Showers on wheels. Love it!:


This is actually the morning of Day 3, but we needed the pic:


Boarding the buses that took us to the start of our final day of walking:


Tattin’ up:


Another surprise friend at a cheer station. Love you, Pride!:

IMG_9420 IMG_9422

Emily (aka Mom) came to another station. She was one busy supportive mom!:


Savoring one of my last grahamwiches. If you ever encounter one,  just eat it. It’s amazing. ‘Nuf said:


Packing Biofreeze onto my swollen knee. No body that weighs as much as mine should walk 60 miles in three days. My poor joints!:


Check out our fake smiles. We loved Officer Steve. So smiley :):


At our last 3-Day meal. Excellent fake smile, Mandy:


Over the Tollway and taking a moment to allow my knee to stop throbbing with pain:


Into the West End to find…IMG_9436

Lydia and Oliver waiting for us in pink with signs!:

IMG_9440 IMG_9447 IMG_9449

Final Pit Stop:


I’d never been so happy to stroll through the neighborhoods around Fair Park – the finish line - in my life (like I’ve ever done that!). And the green station sign on that DART bus behind us reads “Victory”. Perfect.

 IMG_9453 IMG_9455 

Reaping our rewards:


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you’d better believe I still had enough energy to jump for joy!:

IMG_9463 11-11-10 iPhone love 028

Closing Ceremonies:

IMG_9466 IMG_9467 

Shoe Salute to all the survivors:

IMG_9470 IMG_9474

My little butterball was there to see me. Daddy makes her look like such a goober (but all three of us were betting to see if Jonathan would know to dress her in pink…I thought maybe…and he came through!)!!!!


You’d better believe I was happy to see those two! Love my little noodle doodle :):


We we got back to the house, my mom had not only left a humongous smorgasboard of all my favorite foods (meatloaf, macaroni/corn salad, green bean casserole, baked beans, etc.) but she’s also left each of us a goodie bag: photo frame for our favorite photo memory of the weekend, pink gum, band-aids, Alleve, and a pink fleece scarf to remind us of our freezing tootsies on Night 1! She’s the best :):


A great journey. An unforgettable memory. A life changed forever. I did it and will do it again because:

“Everyone deserves a lifetime.” – Komen motto

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