Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Komen 3-Day Experience: Part II

It. was. exTREME!!!!!

Packing the night before:


Jonathan dropping us off at Collin Creek Mall:


Taking our things to the truck. Brr! It was soooo cold!:

IMG_9311 IMG_9312

At Opening Ceremonies, a flag was raised with names of those lost to breast cancer tied on white ribbons to it. The pink banners surrounding it were carried by survivors who themselves were participating in the 3-Day. Isn’t that just amazing??


The pic shows you that is was a bit overwhelming (that’s right, peeps…I CAN be emotional!):


We’re off! Blerg!:


Us with one of the many “sweep vans” who’s job it was to drive around a pick up walkers in need of a rest/injury relief. They were all decked out in hilarious design. Can you tell the theme of this weekend favorite??:


The supporters along the way make all the difference. If you’re looking for a way to participate next year but don’t know that you are ready and/or able to walk, PLEASE come to a cheer station! We LIVED for cheer stations, people. This first one was at the 1st elementary school we passed. They all came out to cheer us on!:


More supporters. Love them!
IMG_9338 IMG_9340

My homemade shirt with all the names of the people I was walking for, some in honor, some in memory. As you may remember, two people who were very close to me lost their own battles with cancer this year. They were originally on my honor list and by the start of the 3-Day had moved to the memory side. I thought you every step of the way, Sandra and Mike!!!


Our feet hurt so badly by that first lunch stop. We still had 50 miles to go!:

IMG_9343 IMG_9345

After Mandy’s ankle wrap only made things worse, we both hopped the sweep van together to get to the next stop. That’s what teammates are for! The ladies who drove us (“The 3-Day Angels”) were CRAZY. They made a joke about stopping at the liquor store…I’m a little concerned that it wasn’t a total joke, especially after they forgot to put the van in PARK once we pulled into a parking spot. Hilarious!


There were so many sweet pooches out on the route, too! I loved seeing every one of them! IMG_9348

Check out the pink Westie and his owner with the pink beard. Love it!

IMG_9352 IMG_9353 IMG_9354

Me and Adri finishing Day 1. We met Mandy at the camp since her ankle injury required her to ride the van to camp. So glad to be done!


Our home away from home (yes, I took a pink tent home as a souvenir):

IMG_9358 IMG_9361

This motto of the Komen organization speaks to me. “Everyone Deserves a Lifetime”…I agree, ladies. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


It was so DANG COLD that first night. They actually ran out of hot cocoa and had to re-up for the next two days! Don’t I look like a pink ice cube?? Brrr! (Mandy’s modeling the “fake smile” that we all employed day in and day out)

IMG_9364 IMG_9365

To infinity…and beyond!! The mylar blanket was a complete mystery to me, though it kept my warm. I ceased all questions and just put it on:


Day 1: complete!!!


Mandy opted to take the cushy charter van to lunch and meet us there in order to get some rest on her injured foot. It was a great decision because it allowed her to fully complete the last half of Day 2 and all of Day 3. We were so glad to see her get the help she needed!


Looking like crap, but ready to go. And we’re off! I’m making you my bi$%h, Day 2!

IMG_9370 IMG_9372

Well, I thought there was a small possibility that I could get all the pics in on one post. Alas, who’s surprised that I didn’t make it happen? :) More to come. Stay tuned!

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