Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Patch #2

I’m so glad the weather was kind to me, allowing B and I to meet two lovely friends from high school and their little ones. We had a great time visiting the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch again…I can’t wait to return again next year!

Meeting Landry (my friend Junell’s son):


B playing with the boys on the hay pile (that’s Kim’s son, Riley, on the top):

IMG_9155  IMG_9157 

Of course, there were many pumpkins to explore:


“Um, you want me to go WHERE???”:


This place ain’t so bad :) (they stayed in that jail forever! well, at least until the screaming pre-teen girl scouts ran in):

IMG_9163IMG_9167 IMG_9168

Riley and Landry got along great!


Kim’s precious little girl, Addison:


B seemed mildly interested in Addie…until…


She found Addie’s stroller!


The horses had gone to the corner of the pasture (sigh!), but we still got to see the pig and the huge turtle:


Landry LOVES Sesame Street:


And it seems he converted another Sesame lover:


Did I mention that he LOVES Sesame Street??:

IMG_9184 IMG_9185  

The boys got snowcones and Landry dropped his (doesn’t Riley look so concerned?? Cute!):IMG_9188 

Notice how my little one stands taller than the “2” marker?? I refuse to measure her in feet! Give me inches back!


Our crew (L to R): ME!, Bridget, Junell, Landry, Addie, Kim and Riley…can you believe the guy that took our pic got all the kids to look at the camera?? (Addie doesn’t count because she’s tucked in a Snugglie)


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  1. No, not feet! I, too, refuse to think about that...