Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boot-scootin’ Stinker

Bridget and I had a glorious time visiting old friends at the Carrollton Elementary Fall Carnival on Saturday. I had promised a parent that I was close with at school that I’d help out, so we brought a few contributions to the cake walk (as usual) and we helped judge the costume contest (I tried to tell them B wasn’t eligible but they made me put her in the contest…she won!!!!!!). She was seriously “on” people. It was great!

Coach Erickson got the kids pumped and out on the “dance floor”:


Bridget’s interest was peaked…


She stepped right out in the open circle and started getting down (she also scared that little girl behind her!):


The day before, Bridget had a Halloween party at her babysitter, Kathy’s, house with her friends. They wore costumes, had Halloween-themed snacks, traded treats, and practiced trick-or-treating. I couldn’t miss all the fun, so Kathy was more than willing to take pics during the day for me. I was so happy to look through them all!

Me dropping off my scrumptious skunk before work:


It’s pretty easy to see who has the cutest costume…(though Baby Brinley’s bee suit is pretty cute):

IMG_9214 IMG_9215

Doesn’t Lucy look just like the little girl on her shirt? What movie is she from? It’s driving me CRAZY that I can’t think of the title!!!

IMG_9218 IMG_9219 IMG_9220

How cute is he???


Checking out all their goodies:


IMG_9229 IMG_9235

The practices with Kathy TOTALLY made a difference on Sunday night! Stay tuned for (of course) more pics…



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