Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Fun (the first of many!)

Phew! This weekend was pretty much pure insanity, but it offered B and me many more opportunities for memory making. It started with a delicious pancake breakfast with our favorite scale-challenged holiday mascot, Santa! Thanks for the beautiful Fair ladies, we had the opportunity to get tickets to such a fun morning event. Have I mentioned how much I love planning activities for the morning (even though I’m not a morning person AT ALL)?

We got there a little later than we’d hoped, but our friends Jill and Alexandra had saved us some seats (they’re the best!). Thank goodness they did, because those tush spots were hot commodities!

IMG_9871 IMG_9872

Our little goobers were certainly entertaining (this is Alexandra’s “signature pose” and I think its the cutest!):

IMG_9873 IMG_9874

I had no clue a tour guide was included in the price of admission:

IMG_9876  IMG_9878 

My girl looked as cute as a Christmas cookie is yummy, but she wasn’t giving out many free smiles…


Both little ladies were a little suspicious of the Jolly Fat Man (maybe they know something we don’t?):


Here’s our official group photo. How do you think Bridget and Santa’s duet photo at North Park is going to go? Hmm? I just love Alexandra’s face in this one…Breakfast with Santa1

I wanted to include my camera’s offering here (oh, how I wish I didn’t need a new washing machine and could buy a new camera instead!), too, just so you could see how excited Santa was to be there. Thanks, Jill, for pointing that out to me…Bridget and I will consider bringing cookies for our next visit to cheer him up!


We zipped off to Plano right after our picture so we could move on to our next appointment…

Per our usual routine, Jonathan and I got a visit from the Miscommunication Fairy and realized that we needed a sitter for B while I taught Kindermusik and he needed to go judge an area band competition. Thank goodness Aunt Christina was able to come to our rescue…again. What would we do without her?

She was happy to spend more time with her only state-side niece (miss you, Brose ladies!), though she had already promised a visit to the AAC for Dallas Stars Kids Club to the boys. Luckily she’s not phased for one moment by adding B to the mix, so she just took her right along and everyone had a great time! Another reason why we love her is because she indulges our (my) requests to document every moment of Bridget’s life and didn’t blink when I asked her to allow my camera to tag along, too.

 IMG_9886 IMG_9887

They tried catching the train for some travel fun, but our baby toss off took just a few moments too long :(. Back in the car they go then off to the AAC for Stars practice!

IMG_9888 IMG_9889 

Ahh! I must say, she is the preciousest preciousness I’ve ever seen!:

 IMG_9891 IMG_9892 IMG_9893

Aunt Christina told me about their time walking the lobby and how many peopled mentioned B’s cuteness factor. Proud Mommy moment!


I was greeted by this big girl when I finally got to their place after my classes. Isn’t she sweet with that backpack? Though I’ll say, I was ready to take it off pretty quickly because it made her look way too grown up :(. Sniff, sniff!



Look for pics of Oliver’s Mad Hatter Very Un-Birthday Birthday Party soon!

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