Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: “How You Doin’??”

So, I’ve always loved holidays (especially Christmas! Duh!) but Halloween has just been on the same level as so many others. Man, now that I have a little one at home I am seriously loving me some Halloween! This year has been so fun. We pumpkin patched, made another homemade costume (doin’ every year, people!…but totally buying a cheap backup like I did this year), and made 3 normal errands way more awesome. Let’s start by telling you about the costume.

Last year she was a pea-pod.

IMG_4841 IMG_4839

We went to Indiana for J’s grandfather’s funeral two days before Halloween, so when we returned home at 5pm on 10/31 last year we zipped down to Grammy and Pop’s, took some quick pics, and then took off the costume and put her to bed. This year was way better! Starting with the costume (back on track…):

It. was. the. best. ever.

I’m already coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never top this one and it’s cuteness. Maybe its her age. Maybe I’m crazy. But honestly, I’m preparing myself just in case to never have a costume this great. And everyone else that saw it LOVED it. So proud!

Like last year, my mom did most of the heavy lifting but I stepped in a little more this year by choosing the costume and sewing a bit. Whee!!

(I found the instructions for her Skunk costume here)

We needed 1 white maribou boa, a 12x18 scrap of black fur fabric, 2 pipe cleaners (though we used 4), black leggings (we found cotton pants – perfect!), a black long-sleeved top (we found a great onesie), and a black or white baby’s bonnet (couldn’t find one so my mom decided to just sew one herself).


(My mom found the bonnet pattern here…and I’m making this girl’s winter bonnet my first sewing project! Stay tuned!)

Grammy checking to make sure the bonnet fits B (the original one she made from the pattern was too small…I said it looked more like a yamika):


B staying busy in her new pack-n-play (its bigger than the normal ones! whee!) doing “calculations” on Pop’s machine. J and I always giggle about her doing “calculations” because she often taps her fingers to her thumb in that manner. Hehehehehe.


Grammy at work:


It’s going to be perfect!!!


Now Mommy gets to make the tail (notice the concentration level here?)!


“Mommy! Did you see that big, fat squirrel?!?!?!”


The finished product! Aren’t we great models?? :)

IMG_9145 IMG_9146 IMG_9147 IMG_9148 

So much more fun to come…I went REALLY photocrazy this past weekend!!!


  1. Ok, I had no idea you MADE that... awesomeness! It was SO cute!

  2. bahahaha! By far the best costume ever!!!!!

  3. She looks so cute!!! Homemade costumes are the best. I want to make Trent's every year too. It will help me practice sewing!

  4. you rock!!!!!!!!! what a pretty, little skunk!!!!

  5. I do believe Alexandra is going to be a skunk next year, and guess who gets to give me a personal tutorial (wink, wink)?