Monday, August 2, 2010

Colorado…we’re there! Now let’s play! (babies AND grown-ups)

Ah, I wish I was back already...if Julie, Ryan and Abby ever move there (yes, its a small possibility), I will be SO sad but at least its even more of a reason to visit!

Enough talk, let's get to the pictures!

Amanda, B and I got up early and went to the Woodland Park Farmers’ Market…yummy breads, corn, and an antler doggie bone later, we were happy (check out those adorable kicks!)

 IMG_7466 IMG_7467

B visiting the Hungry Bear for the 1st time…a Williams family favorite for breakfast!


Steppin’ out for our first hike. Here’s the view from my parents’ neighbor’s yard. Awesome view of Pike’s Peak!IMG_7472

Family pic!


Seeing a deer…old news for her, apparently :)IMG_7479

Visiting Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa. It’s like she knows to turn on the charm for them…she’s ALWAYS “on” when we go there and its so great for them!


My Grandpa LOVED that she was so into his chair!IMG_7500 

B LOVES jewelry, so of course she reached for GGma’s necklace. I love the face she makes when she’s shaking/throwing things. Prepare for impact!

IMG_7487 IMG_7492

Exploring the place…but always remembering her policy: no necklace left behind!

IMG_7494 IMG_7496

Coming to Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Charlene’s for dinner…they are the best gourmet cooks (Charlene is actually in the running for an intership at the Broadmoor…cross your fingers!!!)


We all know that B loves pooches…and J and C rescue greyhounds (they have 3) AND they were puppysitting for a 4th greyhound! B was in heaven!


Of course, she loves Aunt Amanda!IMG_7508

And more exploring…


Loves her some nature…my little Earth-lover!IMG_7510

Up next….adventures at touristy favs!!!

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  1. She looks like her daddy!

    VERY cute kicks, btw. =)