Friday, August 20, 2010

Just plain great stuff on The Mom Creative

Blogging from work...shh!

I wanted to share a link to a Mommy blog I've been LOVING recently. As usual, I got the idea from Jill (well, I'm 99% sure you gave me the suggestion, friend! Mommybrain card out..) and I've been grabbing the best deals from this mom! Here are a couple of the deals I've snagged:

1. A FREE vinyl banner from ShindigZ (I'm using it for Bridget's tie-dye themed party next month...they had tons of designs and I got to choose from multiple tie-dye ones AND personalize it for FREE!). I wish I had a pic on me of it to show you. It's really nice and will be the icing on the cake (besides the real icing!) for her big "shindig" :)

2. 5 FREE 8x10 photos from Ritz Camera (I've been meaning to put up some nice pics around the house and have just not gotten around to it...nor have I wanted to pay for I just have to buy the frames!)

3. I'm getting ready to order my FREE photobook from Picaboo...that deal is good til August 31st, so you, too, can take advantage! Wahoo! Check out her recent post for that goody.

Each of these deals was FREE (except for shipping fees) and so far I've saved $80 if you include the photobook I'm getting. I love saving money on stuff I already need!

The blog is called The Mom Creative and its absolutely fabulous. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

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