Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Colorado: we officially set sail!

Ahh…that story over (see previous post!), we finally got on our way. Here are some of my favorite shots of the start of our trip:

J and are nerdy enough to be in awe of this road warrior that pulled up next to us in Decatur. It was awesome!:IMG_7441

B enjoying her 1st rest stop (well, 1st one that she got out to see!) in Iowa City:


Penny proving to my mom that we stopped at the DQ in Chillicothe (my mom is an EXPERT at driving to CO and she always stops here):


And next to the DQ was this deliciously adorable shop for my fresh pecan-loving hubby:


Miss B watching Dora/Yo Gabba/Blue/Kai-Lan…thanks, Syble, for letting us borrow the DVD player! (notice the driver…):


My little one was already a little tired of being in her seat after about 4 hours and needed company (and when B gets attention, so does my lap dog):


We had a great stay at the Residence Inn in Amarillo and they are very pet-friendly! Great rate for pets AND free happy hour! That’s right…I said FREE (that means free beverages!). Here’s a clip of how B entertained herself in our little suite:


After a good night’s sleep, we got up at 4am hoping B would sleep a while (and she did!) and got to see the amazing wind farm in Vega like usual, but at 4am it looks more like an alien light show! All I can say is check it out sometime…daytime is awesome, but nighttime is craaaazy awesome.

Brr! It was about 50 degrees in the New Mexico desert at 7am….my little bundle:


Entertaining herself with the toys at the Colorado Welcome Center in Trinidad…the very same ones my sisters and I used to play with every time we stopped there :)


We made it to the Colorado Springs airport to pick up Amanda at 10am and then finally drove through Ute Pass, past Pike’s Peak and up the familiar rode to the Woodland Park house where we all got settled in….ahh…

Here’s a pic of house. I wish it had this much snow during the summer! This is a shot of the house during the December blizzard of 2006 when we were all snowed in for 3 days. Remember that, Jill??? I know you do!

Europe 2006 986

The trip can finally begin! Stay tuned…


  1. Do all Residence Inns have free happy hour?! That's awesome.

    LOVE the fact that B got to play with the same toys you and your sisters played with. That is so cool.

  2. Oh, how well I remember!!! And, my mom ALWAYS stops at the pecan joint in funny that you discovered it, too. My #1 stopping place is always the tourist center in Wichita's always open, has clean bathrooms, has friendly workers, and has a great place to walk around outside -- would be perfect for Penny.

  3. I'm remembering that next time, J! Saw a pretty park in WF that we need to try. I think it was called Stanford Park or something like that. And K, yes! All Residence Inns have that! That's why we always try to stay there during TMEA :) hehehehehe