Monday, August 9, 2010

Always. Sometimes. Never.


kiss my husband goodnight
use q-tips after every shower
run about 30 minutes late
make the bed first thing in the morning
hold the door for the person following me
eat any goodies i bake
let the gas tank go to zero before filling
have the best intentions


drink milk from the carton
watch MTV
vacuum around stuff instead of moving it (same with dusting)
mow the lawn
leave laundry in the wash and end up having to do it over again
volunteer at an animal shelter
wish i could still get by wearing maternity clothes
make a really delicious new dish


forget to take time to listen to my friends
pay my cable bill on time
use my coffee maker
wash the baseboards
am satisfied
want Bridget to doubt how much i love her
miss and episode of so you think you can dance or america's next top model
will give up my dreams of traveling to every continent and reading all the books on the last page of a cliff's notes text

What about you???


  1. I LOVE this post!!! What a a great idea! I am totally stealing it. I love your admission to MTV...I am completely guilty of watching a little Teen Mom and occasionally The Real World New Orleans. When I get the hang of this mom thing, I want to volunteer a Meals on Wheels. Hehe. My heart melted a little reading, "I never want Bridget to doubt how much I love her." Cute! ;)

  2. how rude of me not to mention where I stole this idea! new post, comin' up with credit where credit is due :)