Wednesday, August 11, 2010's on!

Alright people. My 3-Day event is 14 short weeks away, so its time to get crackin'! There's not too many people that read my blog, so I'd love to do a give away as an incentive to get people to donate. I'm also thinking of allowing those who've already donated to be entered twice! They get special treatment for having helped me out already :).

Any ideas for what I should give away? I could easily do a gift card to Starbucks or Barnes and Noble, but if you think of something better...I'll do it! I just want more people to donate.

I'll also keep you abreast of my training schedule. Enough "fluff" walking. It's time to get serious, even in the heat of this horrendous summer (I KNOW this one was worse than last year 'cause I was in the worst part of pregnancy all summer long and it wasn't as bad as this year!). Feel free to ask me how its going so I can feel really guilty if I don't do my miles. My kingdom for a treadmill right now!!!

No pics (tear), but seriously...if you have ideas for a giveaway, let me know!


  1. Not even a single pic of Bridgey girl??? Here's a giveaway idea, but it's only targeted to a specific audience...a Kindermusik enrollment or partial enrollment, etc. Do you need me to make something to donate?

  2. I have wanted to do the 3 days for years and am WAY too intimidated. You ROCK! Is there a way to put a link to donate on your page?