Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Helping the Cure!

Thanks to a comment from my dear Callie, here's a link to my 3-Day donation page for all those interested. Also, a quick update on my giveaway:

Anna's 3-Day Donation Page

The amazingly talented and beautiful Jill has offered a one-of-a-kind Jillybean Dreams pillowcase dress and matching diaper changing pad as a giveaway for my 3-Day campaign. Her designs are ADORABLE and would make a wonderful addition to any girl's closet or as a perfect shower gift. Here's a quick pic of two of her previous designs as examples. I'll pick out the fabric and ribbon (of course, I'm thinking pink for Susan G. Komen!), but you can at least get an idea of what to expect. B was gifted a precious pillowcase dress a number of months ago and we've been able to continue putting it on her through 3 seasons and through all her growth due to its versatility. I'll keep you posted once the official giveaway begins.

Changing pad:
Pillowcase Dress:

However, you can donate as soon as you'd like! I've decided that those who donate to my cause will be entered twice in the giveaway, and I'll also have other opportunities to enter as well (facebook links, etc.). Hopefully B's diaper rash horror story (certainly an upcoming "This Week in Mommyhood" post) and my busy work load will settle down so I can actually post a blog about it! Ugh. You guys all know the drill.

More to come (again!)...


  1. CUTE dress. love it! i might have to donate to the cause once payday comes around!! glad you found my blog - i kept it semi-secret at first, until i decided to keep it up. glad we can keep in touch via blog world.
    ps. bridget is so very cute. hope you two are having fun together!