Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Colorado: its for the dogs!!

I’ve already mentioned that Penny came on the trip with us this year…





And you all know that Bridget LOVES doggies…



So when we came to CO this year with our pooch, we had to go to a dog park! We met my Aunt Charlene and her 4 greyhounds at the Bear Creek Dog Park and were totally amazing. Too bad I only had my phone to take pics, otherwise I’d have way more. There was a great wooded creek area, as well as a 1/2 mile gravel track for walkers…but INSIDE the dog park! It was amazing…

 iPhone photo love 098


iPhone photo love 099

And they just followed us all over!iPhone photo love 100

That’s right, we forgot the Baby Bjorn :(…and a stroller would have done no good on this surprise trek!iPhone photo love 101

Some Husky friends:

iPhone photo love 102

Penny LOVES to lay in the water!iPhone photo love 104 iPhone photo love 105 iPhone photo love 106


iPhone photo love 107 iPhone photo love 109 iPhone photo love 110

Aunt Charlene and her pack & Bridget’s puppy friend she met on the way out:

iPhone photo love 111iPhone photo love 113

Penny’s ready to go and take a nap just before the storm hits!iPhone photo love 112

We also spied a furry friend at Seven Falls on the way to the car. She LOVED him! Maybe she’s so into puppies because MOMMY can’t resist going to pet each one :) I’m okay with that…


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  1. I posted one picture just to give you a quick taste. I'll post more in the next couple of days. Y'all are such a photogenic family!