Thursday, August 19, 2010

OMG…I forgot 11 months!

Yes, yes…my Doodle Bug is over 11 months (well on her way to the big 0-1) and I apparently forgot to post her most recent stats:


This picture is the FIRST time she hasn’t smiled for the camera in her monthly pic (this includes the pic hours after she was born!). It makes me so sad! It means she’s a big girl now and notices all the stuff around her so much more AND can easily grab at them all the while not letting me restrain her anymore :(. It was all I could do for her not to grab the sign! And just check out this list of what she can do now that she’s a month older:

-WALK! Not just a few steps, people. She is practically running!  I give us one more week before she’s actually running.

-when asked, “where’s mommy’s nose?”, she actually points to it

-looks out the front glass door anytime its open and bangs on it (while giggling!)

-weighs 18 lbs 11 oz

-favorite food: still avocados, and cheerios, likes wheat toast with a little peanut butter, and just had her first little bite of Teddy Graham tonight…and LOVED it

-has started bringing mommy stuff she finds on the ground (string, a tiny speck of leaf, loose cherrio, penny fur…) and showing it to me – instead of just immediately eating it! wahoo!

-says, “what’s that” (sounds like “dat”) and “what’s this” (sounds like “tss”) and points…every second of every day!

-high fives on demand! claps on demand! waves on demand! next step: kisses!

-when tired, scared, anxious, nervous…she runs to mommy and wants to be picked up (it gets me every time!!!)

Where does the time go?? Certainly know that next month will have a soundtrack…my crying! Sob sob sob!

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  1. Awww she's growing up!!

    It's so funny, my little cousin points all the time too and she just turned one year! =) She also twirls her hair which is so funny.