Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Year Announcements?? :)

I realize this is blurry, but I couldn’t figure out how to copy it correctly…this will have to do!


So, I was too cheap to send out a birth announcement when B was born. In my defense, by the time she was a month old I was already prepping my Christmas cards, and I will NEVER miss sending out a Christmas card. I’ve tried over the last 5 years to pair down my card list, but even when I kick people off I manage to add more. I think I’m still hovering over the 75-person mark. That takes a Christmas card budget! So….I just decided I’d skip the birth announcement and combine them on my Christmas card.

Well, that is apparently not cool because I had plenty of people mention to me that they’d never received a birth announcement. Ugh! Once B was here with us, life (and money) went out the window in favor of adjusting to our new family so there was certainly no time (or interest) in sending out a late announcement. So….I used my Pampers Gift to Grow points to get 25 free Shutterfly announcements! I plan on sending them to my peeps that aren’t getting their  B’s 1st Birthday invite, so at least they’ll have an update and a late “annoucement”….ugh, social graces. Exhausting!

p.s. Gifts to Grow ends soon, so if you have points…use them!

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  1. I didn't do a birth announcement. Oh well! Anyone who would receive one knows he was born and all the stats.