Sunday, August 29, 2010

Terrifying Tubes (not really)

Well, we survived! The tube surgery really is as easy as everyone tells you it is…only problem? The word SURGERY. Hello?! That’s a terrible word for any mommy to hear in combination with her baby’s name. Ugh. That combined with PMS for me (let’s be real, people) made for a dangerous cocktail for all those coming into contact with me last week. Here are some pics of our journey on Thursday:


I stayed up late to make sure she squeezed in another bottle at 11:30pm since she wasn’t allowed to eat/drink anything after midnight through 30 minutes after her surgery. Before I put her down, we were entertained with this post-pigtail photo shoot:

IMG_8027 IMG_8029

It was early for everyone…we all had some bed head. But B perked up before everyone else at the surgery center (even the plants!)

IMG_8030 IMG_8031

She personally inspected her surgery outfit and approved all parts (though wasn’t too into the socks…they didn’t fit her huge feet!)


Helping Daddy find something good to watch:IMG_8036

Jonathan loved her little karate gi for surgery babies:IMG_8039 IMG_8041

We saw a lot of her back, because she was certainly not content to wait in our little exam room. Damn you, pull curtains! IMG_8042 IMG_8044

Really, she owned this place, people…IMG_8045

Daddy gave her so many great distractions! I attribute those skills to the 3 cups of free coffee Daddy had consumed by this point (me, the coffee hater, was not so perky)


I’m holding it together. Go me!IMG_8053

Thankfully, they let her take Bunny into the surgery room with her. And our nurses were SO sweet to her!!! Thanks, Nurse Linda!IMG_8055 IMG_8056

I kept the tears to a minimum! No all out sobbing…I was so impressed with myself :) Thank goodness we brought additional lovies with us…I needed one, too!


And see how happy we all are (well, I am) after all is said and done? p.s. this bottle filled with water was not fooling my smart girl…she was pretty PO’ed


She needed lots of snuggles from Daddy to get through that short waiting time before she got her bottle as she came out of anesthesia:


No, I’m actually NOT 5 months pregnant :). But B’s face is priceless in this one :)


And….Ta Daaaa! She’s back! How fun was it to get her first birthday present in the mail that afternoon?! Thanks to Aunt Betsy for the cool box and packaging material. How’d you know those are her favorites??


Oh…and I know the toys will be a big hit someday, too!


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