Monday, August 9, 2010

Colorado: The Golden Bee Buzzes!


Its no secret that the Williams family enjoys a delicious beverage maybe a wee bit more than the average crew. So, it should come as no surprise that our all-time favorite place to go when visiting Colorado Springs is The Golden Bee…a pub!

Its an old English-style place underground on the campus of The Broadmoor hotel, one of the most famous hotels in the United States. I’ve been coming The Bee since I was about 7 years old, eating mouth-watering cheese spread and an array of crackers on every visit.

If you’re ever in town, you MUST go visit. Even if you’re not a “drinker”, you’ll love the atmosphere, the food, the cheese spread, and the sticky bee you get every time you sit down! Love that place!

B getting “bee-d” for the first time:IMG_7553

Jonathan got double bees on this visit…I almost had to throw down with our waitress! Hehehehe:IMG_7554

Amanda and her non-beer (lame). A random kid who’s mom wanted a pic with him and Jonathan’s yard of beer:IMG_7555 IMG_7556

Can you see the intensity on Jonathan’s face as he makes sure B doesn’t topple his treasured ale??


All finished (mine was just a 1/2 yard)!

IMG_7559 IMG_7560

She’s so fun…the whole staff loved her (and remembered her the next 2 times we went that week!):IMG_7561

Sleepin’ on trip number 2 to the Bee:


Scott and Jonathan on a race to cross the finish line!IMG_7571

This is another favorite of mine from the whole trip!IMG_7572

We went right after we picked up Cory from the airport, but I didn’t have a charged camera. Yada, yada, yada…beer and cheese spread. You get the idea :).

Our final trip came after I picked the boys up from a freezing game of disc golf. All of them were wet, cold, and miserable…so we drank our cares away at the Bee! Where else?!

Before beer:

IMG_7700 IMG_7702

After beer (random guy got in their picture so his wife could take his pic with a yard…silliness!):IMG_7701

I am in love with that place. Miss you, Bee!


  1. I almost busted out in "Ricolaaaaaaa...." when I saw the pic of Jonathan drinking his yard of beer. Cheers, good buddy!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time on your colorado trip. I'm so sorry to read about all the baby stuff flying down the interstate. Ugh, I would be so upset. I will have to check out the "B" on our next visit to Colorado. Looks right up my alley :)!