Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Great Outdoors!

Now that my life is a little bit more livable, Bridget and I have been taking every chance we can get to really enjoy our time together. I hope you are taking the same opportunities in your life! The older we get, the more we realize how quickly our time on this Earth passes, right?? Even more reason to live life to the fullest as much as you can.

I know my schedule tends to be on the busy side (oh, I make myself laugh all the time!), and I realize that other’s schedules get just as mad as mine. That’s why I was so excited when some old friends from high school were all able to carve out an hour of fun at an old-school Southlake spot for some much needed catching up. And even when the schedules finally work out, its practically guaranteed at least one kiddo will fall ill…but not this time! Score!

The players:

Bridget March 2012 064

My Bridgey girl!

Bridget March 2012 030

Knox and his beautiful Mommy, Cerissa

Bridget March 2012 013

Sweet Graham

Bridget March 2012 026

Adventurous Miss Preslie

Bridget March 2012 045

Mr. Trip (aka “Big T”)

It was a perfect day for a picnic and playtime at the park. We were happy to soak up some sun in preparation for swimsuit season, though the shade was always close by when that soft, baby skin needed a break. What a delight it has been to see these little ones grow into their BIG personalities!

Bridget March 2012 007Bridget March 2012 008Bridget March 2012 009Bridget March 2012 017Bridget March 2012 049

Thanks to Knox for bringing bubbles for all of us to enjoy (though I’m pretty sure Bridget used up most of them!):

Bridget March 2012 019Bridget March 2012 033Bridget March 2012 048Bridget March 2012 074

The playground was perfect for my musical genius (have I mentioned all the singing she’s been doing?? Oh right, that’s on my list of blog posts to write!):

Bridget March 2012 051Bridget March 2012 062

Look at all the cool ways to explore!! There was so much, that we didn’t get even to try to bulldozers. Sounds like a return trip is certainly required!

Bridget March 2012 058Bridget March 2012 060Bridget March 2012 005

All of us mommies were tickled at how sweetly they all played together. Our babies are becoming little social butterflies!

Bridget March 2012 075Bridget March 2012 080Bridget March 2012 053Bridget March 2012 084

Check out (counter-clockwise from top L) Graham, Preslie, Trip, Wyatt (we miss you, Wyatt!) and Bridget over a year ago. At least my B doesn’t look quite as much like a giant compared to the rest anymore!


Love these grown up angels!

Bridget March 2012 072

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  1. Lil' reunions are always so much fun! Looks like you guys had a great time!