Monday, April 16, 2012

A Good Friday, indeed!

Upon returning home from our eggcellent playdate at the Fairs’, we packed a lunch and strolled down to the park with “BB’s Daddy” and Penny along for the ride.

Bridget April 2012 152Bridget April 2012 087

Both ladies had a great time playing at the park, but were pretty sleepy and ready to return home soon. Bridget April 2012 267Bridget April 2012 003

Of course it was too much to ask that they both take good naps, but this tired Mommy got at least an hour of reprieve before spending some fun Anna/Abby time together before B woke up. Our next activity? Bluebonnet pics! These two silly-heads are so sweet to each other!

Bridget April 2012 232Bridget April 2012 414Bridget April 2012 425Bridget April 2012 480

On the way home, we stopped by B and me’s favorite duck pond to get rid of some old bread. Too bad the ducks all seemed pretty full and weren’t very interested in our snacks. Still fun!

Bridget April 2012 194Bridget April 2012 206Bridget April 2012 312

Dinnertime with Dora…

Bridget April 2012 095Bridget April 2012 341

Then fun bathtime together and some crazy bed-jumping adventures:

Bridget April 2012 096Bridget April 2012 314

All looks fun, until someone bumps heads with the other. I was on the phone with Julie (who was on her way to get ABby) when both girls started bawling. Double hug time!

Bridget April 2012 097

Apparently, Bridget had such a good time that she figured it was only right that she went home to Abby’s house for more fun with her BFF. She climbed right into the car seat. You better believe BOTH of us had a very restful night of sleep!

Bridget April 2012 315

Friends are fun Smile.

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  1. What an AWESOME day!!! And, I love the way you braided both girls' hair for bluebonnet pics...adorable! How cute, too, the way B wanted to go home with Abby. I bet you all slept like rock stars that night!